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  1. Your last line is the salient point here. Australia has gone all out on an eradication policy, which has failed dismally. It lulled both governments and citizens into a false sense of security. It also meant that vaccines were withheld from the EU, because we seemed to have it under control. What happened elsewhere was always going to visit here. In Victoria where I live, sadly under the control of the most rabid left wing, woke, borderline communist administration in the country, we are now into a 5th lockdown. This distinction sets us apart from the rest of the country. Yes, there have been comparatively few deaths as a nation, but the economic and social cost has been immeasurable.
  2. Not a bad cunting there. A bit unorthodox, but decent none the less.
  3. A walk in the woods made me yearn to walk the Appalatian trail. One day. His discussion pertaining to the rescinding of the Scopes monkey trial in Tennessee schools by saying “It’s not the fact that they were descended from apes, it’s the fact they may be overtaken by them “ won Bill Bryson my everlasting loyalty.
  4. Ham, the wanking chimp. As if anyone needed confirmation of where we draw our lines, this is it.
  5. Absolutely true. The weak now not only survive, but seem to breed more than the strong. All these dumb cunts should have been chased down by bears or Sabre tooth cats. Now we sponsor them. Who are the dumb cunts, really?
  6. The MkIV was called the TD cortina over here, and was identical apart from it being offered with the home grown 3.3 and 4.1 litre in line 6 engines. Even in standard form they had enough sniff to flex the chassis, then some brave/stupid cunts threw turbos on them. A mate had a Mk3 Corty with a 4.1 with Weber’s and a cam. Was a wheel spin machine.
  7. Lot of chatter over here vis a vis trade deals with the UK. Potentially a good thing for both parties if done right. I’m doing my part with consumption of whiskey and ale from your fine islands. What would you all want from it?
  8. southerncunt


    This is off the planet unhinged.
  9. Harsh. Not sure what I’ve done to pique your interest. I just wish you’d be interesting to someone. But alas. Fuck off, you journeything waste of time.
  10. southerncunt


    Thanks for the enlightened advice, you trainspotting cockafanny cockwomble of indeterminate vintage.
  11. southerncunt


    You could like them both? I find both of them entertaining on a regular basis. I wish I could say the same for others on here.
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