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  1. This is because you are an utter cunt, r-soles.
  2. Welcome to Melbourne, Billy. Our utter fuckwit of a premier is currently researching a cure for death itself before we are let out of curfew and lockdown. We were all shocked to hear that a few folks knocking on the door of 100 and some even past that had died in a nursing home. Well I never.
  3. As usual, you make fuck all sense. Agree on Clive though. Dry wit, however has not disappeared. Ray Mears? Interesting bloke, but Les Hiddins is the one you should be referencing in that regard. The rest of your post is Ill informed jingoistic bullshit, written by an impotent left wing fuckwit. Been here? Thought not. Nonsensical cunt.
  4. I hear it a bit now. He’s a fucking cunt. I despise him and his cabinet more than can be put in words, and I’m not alone.
  5. Here’s another fucking intellectual colossus.
  6. Commie. And I’m fucking miles away.
  7. You started out this nom as a raving fucking idiot, and I commend you on your consistency. Four pages in, and still nobody knows what the fuck you are on about.
  8. I’ve met cunts like you in real life. Injudicious breeding, or teenage years of glue sniffing or pulling bongs has left you impotent with rage. You were either never equipped with, or have squandered through your own poor choices, the intellect you need to articulate it. You can continue to rage here, but really, what is the point. You’re a fucking idiot. You can’t outrun it.
  9. Hardly. I’m nearer 50 than 45. Strangely, still more relevant than you.
  10. Or before the advent of moving pictures like you, you old cunt.
  11. Nothing to start here. You are wrong on Monty Python but correct with Viz. That’s square on the cards in my book.
  12. And you can shut the fuck up too.
  13. What a fuckwitted retort. Kick yourself in the balls. Fucking dickhead.
  14. Seen it too. When I was an apprentice in a dental hospital there were a lot of Chinese students. Most of the women were pig dog ugly, but there was one who was stunning. I was standing at a window scrubbing a denture and she walked through the car park below. As I watched her walking, I saw her drag one up from the boots and launch it through the air, fucking huge it was. Looked like a chewed up axolotl with a dead elver stapled to the back of it. I recoiled in horror. I didn’t think women did that. My lust evaporated instantly.
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