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  1. The thing with real fuckwits you see, as that they don’t seem to have the self awareness that they are fuckwits. You are a real fuckwit. Save us all some time in our busy lives and just walk in front of a bus. You are an utter fucking heap of shit and if I had the misfortune to meet you in real life I’d punch you in the throat.
  2. You don’t belong here. You are abrasive, not funny in the slightest, the only wit you have has fuck in front of it, and not once have you posted anything of value. Forget your password, and fuck off.
  3. I just don’t think it’s random. I have trust issues.
  4. A fair and comprehensive response. However I don’t agree that this is just “bad luck”. This is bad management at best, and bio terrorism at worst. We are dealing with the most aggressive and secretive government in recent Chinese history, and I have trouble believing anything they say. If you live where I do, and see the trade war they are waging you’d have little time for them. They are however conducting wars on multiple fronts, and any student of history knows that this gambit has a parlous history. They have spent the last 60 years subjugating their own people, and are now looking to expa
  5. Furnish an alternative then. My argument is based around geography and science. Politics are ex post facto.
  6. How many zoophilic viruses have to originate from that particular part of the world before we start to think that maybe their appalling animal husbandry and predilection for exotic fauna to dine on in barbaric wet markets might be to blame? I’m no conspiracy theorist, but this virus is different to all of the other SARS that came before it. It pairs incredibly well to human cells, it mutates at the drop of a hat, and originated conveniently a short distance away from a bio weapons laboratory. One could surmise that this virus started out like its predicate viruses, but at least to me it see
  7. @Goober China didn’t fuck up the world with a pandemic?? You must have gone to school just to eat your fucking lunch.
  8. Very nicely cunted there Decs. I’m not a fan of r-soles mk2
  9. I might be going out on a limb here, but I found the OP quite amusing, although utterly batshit crazy. In addition, she/he/it DID cunt anti vaxxers in general, and that is a fair call in my book. Is this really worse that the shit that @JohnnySaucePants and @ChildeHarold spew out on a constant and pointless basis?
  10. The fact that you say you are nailed to the wall in Chiswick, the home of Fullers (a personal favourite for this antipodean) yet your avatar is Broon bottle, says what a confused and contrary fucking idiot you really are. Your beacon of fuckwittery is so bright that I can see it from the other side of the planet. Stupid cunt.
  11. And fucking right on cue @Decimus
  12. Bit harsh there Decs, I thought it was alright. Had a modicum of wit about it, which is more than I can say for most of the proliferate fuckheads on here.
  13. Dunno mate, he’s obviously match fit. It’s the staggering variety and imagination of the insults that impresses me. He’s had me splitting my sides for days now. Utterly humourless fucking cunt that he is.
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