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  1. It’s Will Keith on YouTube? Katana....
  2. He still had moments of genuine humour and irreverence. Odd fucking unit though.
  3. McGowan is not popular out east for his strongly isolationist policies. Who would want the job? Albanese is a cunt who has designs on taxing superannuation, and has proved largely ineffective in landing a blow on Morrison over recent events.
  4. Have not heard hide nor hair of the fucking cunt mate. And we are better off for it.
  5. Any young fella singling out my daughter for “special treatment” will be in line for some special treatment in return. I’m tipping he will regret his actions for as long as he is allowed to live, that’s all I’ll say.
  6. It doesn’t stink. I can’t vouch for your wife’s snatch, however.
  7. It has gotten a fair bit of airplay here, as you can imagine. All this bullshit must be getting close to jumping the shark. We have an ice cream here that has been around for as long as I can remember (I’m 47) called a Golden Gaytime, and some woke lefty poofter (or not, who fucking knows - it may be some millennial fucking wanker looking for offence) took umbrage with the name and called for it to be banned. The company told him in corporate speak to get fucked, saying they have “no plans to change the name”. About time someone stood up and said go and find something else to be bothered by
  8. I hate cunts who do this. When I was in England I found most people understood the unwritten rule, but over here there are heaps of cunts who don’t. Yes I’m aware you will highlight “heaps of cunts” and reference the entire country, which is why I didn’t write “heaps of cunts over here”.... There are heaps of cunts, however.
  9. Was exercising the dog in an off lead park this morning, and in between trying to wear out a Staffy, and picking up her shit (before @Joker could get on a plane and come and steal it), I was distracted by a far away sibilant treble pitched screech. Eventually through the trees came an old bint, like a slower moving version of Bigfoot from the Patterson Gimlin reel, jabbering away to some other motor mouthed old bint with the phone turned up to 11 on speaker. I am not even remotely interested in your conversation. Indeed, I couldn’t fucking care less. Get some fucking headphones. T
  10. Proof read your own posts before you publish them will you? My dog could do better. Cunt.
  11. Option 1. Opportunistic rooters. It’s not like the fucked in the pool. It’s unlikely it will happen again, and if it does, only leave light beer in the fridge.
  12. Fuck that. Extraction, salt water gargle regular intervals during the day, don’t smoke to avoid dry socket, wait till clot vascularises, cobalt chrome partial and reline after 6 months. Happy days. It’s a posterior prosthetic with buccal clasps, almost invisible if done correctly.
  13. @roadkill I think I contributed a little goading here and there, rather than a bit part victim?
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