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  1. Yep, he’s a cunt of the highest order. He’s resilient, but it surely can’t last. My feeling is that there will be a royal commission at some stage, hopefully soon. The enquiry he set up had no power, and anyone with half a brain knew it. Credlin has the brains and political nous to destroy him. I love her. She will not be pushed aside or intimidated by anybody. She figured out before anyone else that this cunt just loves the sound of his own voice, and if you let him talk long enough, he will incriminate himself. It’s a tactic that has worked well so far!
  2. Fuck me sideways, a CH post that makes sense! Bravo! Its not just the UK.
  3. A considered and intelligent response.
  4. That’s a job I’d like. Be wrong 50% of the time and still get paid.
  5. We have that story here, but yet to have any reasonable proof. There are some very big feral cats here, and they may be mistaken from a distance. In a place as big as this, it’s a possibility I guess.
  6. He’s fucking pointless. On top of being neither humorous nor intelligent, he just makes no fucking sense. Just a cockhead.
  7. You have an interesting choice of name. C.H Wills the car manufacturer? Or a fan of Byron? Or maybe just a flog.
  8. Oh dear. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten inside your thick head, or under your thin skin? My apologies. It’s just that I’m triggered by pointlessly prolific 2 digit IQ non entities who overuse the word “bluebottle”.
  9. Indeed. Australia has been one of the major beneficiaries with the flight of educated, ambitious people from South Africa and Venezuela (among others) seeking to escape tyranny and oppression. I’ve worked with a number of them, and they have adopted this place as their home and wouldn’t change. The current shitfight in Victoria will sort itself out. An erudite and educated chap like Frank could fit in just fine. Particularly in Melbourne, the second largest Greek city on earth. And we do brilliant coffee.
  10. Likes are things bestowed on you by other punters for posting a comment that they find funny, relevant, insightful or agreeable. Perhaps you can have a try at posting something that could garner a like one day, shitcunt. How about that?
  11. Their silence and obfuscation has more to do with trying to stay ahead of the workplace manslaughter laws they themselves brought in, and look like being prosecuted by. Oh, the irony!
  12. You are correct Billy. One of the cultural traits we share with you all is the ability to tolerate most things without vocal complaint. The stiff upper lip is still around here. The other trait we have in common with you lot is a silent but powerful majority, who have fucking had enough. It’s not in our nature, but someone will off this cunt. It may not be tomorrow, or next month or next year, but it will happen. He already lives in hiding, apart from his family. Personally, he has cost me financially a decent amount in lost earnings, and robbed me of my liberties. He will be made to pay.
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