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  1. Because he’s a bright flashing neon fucking idiot, that’s why.
  2. 100% it was manufactured. The chinks were fucking around with gain of function shit with a regular zoophilic virus, and managed to amp it up sufficiently to enhance its transmissive ability so that anyone not involved in the initial manipulation is playing catch up with a different set of parameters to what they are used to. One thing that has amazed me through all of this, is how many fucking stupid cunts have been hiding in plain sight. One dickhead I spoke to wasn’t going to have the vaccine because he is convinced it is AdBlue. How the cunt manages to use a knife and fork is beyond me.
  3. Late reply. Must have taken you a while to find someone with no sense of smell to read it out loud for you.
  4. I’m not sure what you are aiming for here, but your bucket of sand is empty, you dog hating trivial waste of space. Get back to cataloguing your scat collection. Colour font using shouty meaningless cunt.
  5. Who in turn, pinched it from the hallowed pages of Viz.
  6. southerncunt


    What a proper Victorian era response. Blame the victim. You’re even older and stupider that I thought.
  7. Some absolutely top shelf discourse going on here. It’s like pass the parcel at a spastic society party.
  8. Colour font posting, dog shit hoarding fucking waste of time. Fuck off r-soles you cunt.
  9. We’ve seen your likes before. Indeed, we’ve likely seen you before under a similarly useless name. Fuck off, cunt.
  10. Dan wins hands down. I want the cunt to die a death of a thousand cuts.
  11. I think the cunt has finally jumped the shark. All this power concentrated in one place is going to catch up with him. I’m tipping he won’t die of natural causes.
  12. Proper fucking unhinged. I can’t make any sense of this cunt whatsoever.
  13. You should probably still try though. Just for the satisfaction of the puntership.
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