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  1. No you haven’t nor why you need a fucking cement mixer to make cement in quantity. Why can’t you arrange for cement to be freshly made and delivered directly upon demand? My Irish lineage is from land owning baronetcy so up yours regarding that.
  2. Explain why you need cement? Are you a Navvy?
  3. What do you need concrete for? Exlain why you need a machine to make concrete and presumably in quantity over an extended period.
  4. You are largely loathed which is reflected in your nil points or token ticks by faux groomers.... lol. Oh and fuck off for good measure as well...
  5. You are as welcome here as Salman Rushdie is in Mecca wearing bacon underpants....
  6. Are there any pikey footballers? I can’t think of any....was Cascarino a pikey?
  7. You lump of foetid, regurgitated bison’s penis.
  8. Your days are numbered on here ponce bottom.
  9. Why did you need a cement mixer?
  10. Billy Connolly was a good ethnic comedian but now he’s a spastic... lol.
  11. You have probably stuck your fingers up many motorists (Kerb crawlers). lol.
  12. You’re illiterate and a peasant. Not officer material.
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