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  1. For a minute I thought you had nominated Claire Dildo Balding the BBC’s chief rug muncher but that gauntlet can be taken up in due course....
  2. Jake the Wuss. I’ll bet Covid-19 has ruined your drag artiste appearances.... lol.
  3. Fuck off and make a soufflé...
  4. The Papacy was hijacked by some dubious Italian families in the Middle Ages who placed some very disturbing characters into the Vatican. However they were eventually removed. All religions have at some point been hijacked by political opportunists and perverts. Islam is currently infected with despotic Islamist Juntas.
  5. God made you so you hate him...
  6. Another atheist zealot trying pathetically to integrate gross indecency into the Christian hierarchy,destroy the Church and promote global depravity to the third world...
  7. No he’s not. You simply want to peddle mandatory buggery into Church scripture because you hate God.
  8. If the Pope goes any further Opus Dei will retire him...
  9. The Pope has only expressed Christian tolerance of the legal aspects of those who wish to lead morally disordered lives. Cunts like you would wish twist his words to promote live buggery and incest in all places of worship across the globe. You would never be invited to be a member of my golf club because you’re a religious bigot and a pleb.
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