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  1. Release the punk! 

    1. Dyslexic cnut

      Dyslexic cnut

      I thought she would have done a Barabbas with Punkape, in return for crucifying Ole Cocky to appease @judgetwiand his tribe.

  2. Regardless of my fate posters on here will start voting for Cuntspotter to depose you from your contrived elevated status....you pompous cunt. Fuck off.
  3. Your toppling is imminent mungbean. lol. Cuntspotter is the new Messiah.
  4. Good evening Octopus... lol.
  5. Are you putting some of your mate’s wives foetuses under the patio? lol.
  6. Abortion is murder weasel face.
  7. I reckon you would sleep with me 350k a week and allow Ape to watch...
  8. A miscarriage is a miscarriage. Unless you and your “wife” chose to commit murder at a clinic. Your inability to differentiate between a natural death (miscarriage) and deliberate termination ( murder) puts you in your own squawking moral dilemma.Perhaps your new “wife” is as morally blind as yourself. Basically you’re an unpleasant but naive disgrace.
  9. Well you wouldn’t have been able to afford to live in the right areas and probably spent most of your time mooching around seedy snooker halls pretending you knew the Krays. lol
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