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  1. ...and you'd still fuck both. πŸ‘
  2. Laurel Hubbard has just been given the go ahead to compete in the Women's 87kg Weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics. Despite my eagerness to see this particular contest, on principle I shall no longer be watching it.
  3. I wondered about the Cheshire left-footer, is he banned at the moment?
  4. While I appreciate the subtlety of your using rainbow font colours on a thread about a raging homo, it's hurting my eyes.
  5. Withers is paraphrasing slightly from my original suggestion of afternoon tea at The Ivy. However, the sentiment is perfectly valid.
  6. Decs, the last time I dropped in here Frank had been summarily ejected by admin. What did he do to swerve that, suck Pen's cock?
  7. I was distracted baws, just been getting a fantastic handjob from the new girlfriend. I asked her how she got to be so good at it, she said "years of practice." "Bit of a player back in the day, were you?" I asked. "Not really," she replied. "but Dad had no arms."
  8. Alright scrotes, you fucking reprobate. I've just discovered that I can post from my phone as long as it's using one of the mobile networks. It's only via WiFi that it doesn't work. That's the same WiFi the computer is connected to, and I can post from there. What do you think of that?
  9. I'm thinking less Bryan Singer and more Ed Wood. Specifically, Glen or Glenda.
  10. Well, let's see. If it works, I can only assume my mobile providers disapprove of the word "cunt" in web addresses.
  11. Frank's unpleasantness has increased in a direct ratio to his loss of amusement value, ie the less funny he gets the nastier he becomes. A curious fact, but a fact nonetheless. Also, as roops has obliquely pointed out, threats are not against the rules unless made via pmail. Obviously she'd no more sanction frank than she would pen or the other untouchables anyway, but it's an oddity of the rules which seems tailor-made for the brand of nastiness frank is currently engaged in. Over and out.
  12. I doubt that his food was quite that bad.
  13. Indeed. There's a scouser on the whatsapp group for sickipedia refugees, he's currently creaming himself.
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