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  1. Frank's unpleasantness has increased in a direct ratio to his loss of amusement value, ie the less funny he gets the nastier he becomes. A curious fact, but a fact nonetheless. Also, as roops has obliquely pointed out, threats are not against the rules unless made via pmail. Obviously she'd no more sanction frank than she would pen or the other untouchables anyway, but it's an oddity of the rules which seems tailor-made for the brand of nastiness frank is currently engaged in. Over and out.
  2. I doubt that his food was quite that bad.
  3. Indeed. There's a scouser on the whatsapp group for sickipedia refugees, he's currently creaming himself.
  4. Superb result 👍👍👍👍 High-sixes.
  5. At the time of typing, this is looking like a rather decent shout. 😮😮
  6. No, but frank's ad might just do it....
  7. Decent of you to own up to it punkers, fair play to you 👍👍😁
  8. Like the jocks, who want to be freed from the yoke of British tyranny and then, errm, rejoin the EU. Thereby spectacularly missing the point of independence
  9. He said "pondered".... Uhunhhunnhun 😄😄
  10. Are you referring to his "haddock sluice" quip, or the "mackerel satchell" one? 🤔
  11. scotty


    Here we go, the fucking left-wing pc brigade are out in force again 😠😠 Eat your heart out, Bernard Manning. Bring back Love Thy Neighbour and the Robinsons golliwog 😄
  12. @DrCunt can get off my fucking turf then, for a start. 😠😠
  13. You fucking stupid absolute fucking cretin. Idiot.
  14. This is more like it ratty 👍👍
  15. Alright wizz, where the fuck have you been??
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