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  1. Couldn't agree more, Decsworth. Just don't air any views of being centrist on or offline at the minute, lest you be called part of the problem. Silence is the real violence now, after all. You can't even say "it's nippy" now, you have to say it's "made in China."
  2. nocti


    "Why do they call you Dave Hedgehog?"
  3. He's great in La Haine. Quality film that is. Not mad on hip-hop if I'm honest, but the soundtrack is great n'all.
  4. Perhaps we will find that the cure all along is just to bore it to death.
  5. USA 1950: "We're the leaders of the free world!" USA 2020: "I just lost my job for not putting a black square on my social media timeline." Also, if there's one thing 2021 has taught me so far, it's that it's harder to get into Sainsbury's without a mask, than it is to get into their fucking Capitol Building dressed as Jay Kay's autistic twin.
  6. Does this mean one of them will have to die of bone cancer?
  7. nocti

    The PGA

    What you imagine, Punkape, should be considered a crime against humanity itself. Mind like a miner's hanky, you filthy cunt.
  8. nocti

    The PGA

    It's like a savoury 99.
  9. nocti

    The PGA

    Think nothing of it. I was just looking for an opportunity to shoehorn in a Partridge quote.
  10. nocti

    The PGA

    "A friend of mine said recently: 'What do you get if you cross a ballerina and a bastard?' - 'Ballesteros, was his answer.' I guess, if you analyse it, Seve combines the qualities of both those animals. He has the lithe sophistication and nimbleness of a ballerina, combined with the hard-nosed, ruthless thuggery of a bastard."
  11. A similar reason for why Sunderland fans hate the aforementioned Coventry. Jimmy Hill had their last game delayed by 10 minutes allegedly due to crowd congestion, and knew that both them and Bristol City who they were playing would be safe with a draw, and Sunderland lost, which they did. So when Bristol City equalised they continued to just pass the ball around like a friendly game down the park. Bit naughty, but fuck 'em.
  12. nocti


    Funny you should say that Bawsy. The call for her sacking is apparently trending again at the moment for not condemning the storming of the shite house the other day. Not for condoning it, but for not condemning it. Fucking unreal.
  13. Not content with shouting it to anyone within earshot of a grotty Premier Inn, this infuriatingly indignant talent-vacuum has just had a "manifesto" published on how to make our screens more diverse, despite BAME and indeed LGBTQ "minority groups" actually being overrepresented on TV, according to figures released by the Creative Diversity Network last year. What a fucking cunt. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08NRPV2MK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_zjo-FbRZ1ZMZN
  14. Ralph Fiennes is tipped to play the character. So not only white, but most probably like most cunts in films: English White Male.
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