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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if these pointy-chinned cunts are rolling out their vaccination program via randomly positioned perfume bottles. Shivering, jellied-meat eating wankers.
  2. Couldn't really give a fuck, but putting Arsenal in there is like getting Bananaman to join The Avengers.
  3. I'd love to present this to some quinoa-quaffing cunt who thinks a man holding the door open for a woman is some kind of micro-aggression. I bet their resulting twitter campaign would make sure your piloted Channel 5 series "Into The Fucking Chipper" wouldn't leave the ground, Rev. The ungrateful fucking bastards.
  4. As the Corner's champion of diversity, what do you make of the new Britannia, EC? A bit too shiny for me, personally. https://www.vogue.co.uk/news/article/britannia-woman-of-colour
  5. More cunting, less twatting.
  6. To most of us, "the usual, please" would refer to a beverage, or perhaps a certain item on a takeaway menu. To that depraved cunt, it's a few stitches in the arse and a top-up lobotomy.
  7. The thing is, she didn't even say it. She reposted a screenshot of some fitness blog saying it. You could argue it's the same in essence, but that detail being absent from virtually every media source reporting it really flicks my fucking nuts.
  8. If cunts could fly, you'd be squadron leader. A sack of shit and no mistake.
  9. When are her and Madonna going to have their giant game of chess, anyway?
  10. nocti


    With the trajectory that last year set us at, I wouldn't fucking rule it out.
  11. Not wishing to break anonymity Baws, but to keep it as vague as possible... are you one of the Chasers?
  12. They'll get a crew to abseil in and swab his, the hauntingly depraved individual. I bet it's like Bilbo Baggins' sock drawer. I shudder to think of what he's been up to during lockdown.
  13. Jesus suffering fuck. This is the sort of post i expect to see a freeze-frame of on the news, or in some chilling Netflix documentary. Truly fascinating in a morbid, autistic sort of way.
  14. Couldn't agree more, Decsworth. Just don't air any views of being centrist on or offline at the minute, lest you be called part of the problem. Silence is the real violence now, after all. You can't even say "it's nippy" now, you have to say it's "made in China."
  15. nocti


    "Why do they call you Dave Hedgehog?"
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