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  1. Episode 8 is the best hour of television i think I've ever witnessed. The Return as a whole isn't a patch on the original run though, in my opinion, but it rewards repeat viewings immensely.
  2. Fuck me, it's already that time of year again where punkers makes me laugh. Just like Christmas, only the circumstances are a little more far-fetched.
  3. Not that it's racist to realise that the diversity which commissioner of this coin, Rishi Sunak, is referring to only really began establishing itself in the 1940's, by which time Britain was a thriving nation in and of itself, but I must admit I was interested in what you gentlemen thought of our lovely new 50p piece coming out next week... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-diversity-built-britain-coin-unveiled
  4. One of many reasons I still love the corner. On one thread we have certain members getting each other more rattled than the perimeter fence at Auschwitz, then on the next one down we have people swapping tips on how to cook a fucking grouse.
  5. Remarkable choice Frank, I like this song a lot. Pendergrass had one hell of a voice on him.
  6. I can confirm this. A few months back, my kid dropped a Freddo whilst having his hair cut, and I told him I'd have to throw it away as it now looked like Alison Hammond.
  7. I've heard rumours that at least one lived, but couldn't tell the tale on account of having a ravaged throat, friction-fried hands, and an arse like Joseph Merrick's hat.
  8. About as funny as finding someone else's spunk on your bone cancer x-ray.
  9. Managed to see these do an acoustic set many years ago in an old church. Haunting isn't the word. Their new album isn't their best, but is very good.
  10. nocti

    Trevor McDonald

    So why hasn't he been, then?
  11. The whole point of the South Park character "Token" is obviously lost on these stupid cunts.
  12. Many years ago, I worked with an Indian girl who was absolutely stunning. My ears pricked up when I heard mention of her sister coming in to drop some things off. Upon arriving, I was rather shocked to see that she resembled an extra from a George A. Romero film, that kept bees in the nude, smoked forty catherine wheels a day, and exfoliated with fox shit. I was convinced one of them had to be adopted.
  13. nocti

    BBC Salaries

    I'm suddenly filled with a warm nostalgic glow as I sit and reminisce over how much happier times were before I read this.
  14. I think this may be down to Lynch directing; sentimental and nostalgic visions of Victorian England viewed through the lens of a patriotic yank. It's his most critically acclaimed film, but certainly my least favourite.
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