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  1. Fuckin hell - it's Noel Fielding!
  2. If it's Johnny Kuffir getting monged off their tits then all's fair in love and Jihad. anyway if it's a toss up between Johnsons Covid Jackboot or the Dodgy Ayatollah's it's not much of a choice really is it? I mean the latter do have some lovely great big bushy beards - some of them even on the blokes
  3. Er, yeah cheers Jacob Bronowski
  4. I think we've established the price of human lives, at least as far as this government and Covid is concerned - £ fucking millions, mortgaging our childrens futures and crushing civil liberties in an over-arching power grab that would make Pol Pot shit treacle. We've got the Astra Zeneca (Patrick Vallance Retirement Fund) one, we've got the advanced degree in Cryogenics one and the one with the fairy light on one.....millions of doses, enabling the vaccination of the population several times over (they don't fuck about theses lizard people). Take your pick because - statistically - chance
  5. And some initiate the ills of others to generate profits
  6. Especially for Sir Patrick Vallance who owns shares in Astra Zeneca
  7. Just drag me through the streets, letting random cunts take fucking potshots at me until there's nothing discernably human left. Fuck it - that's what's happened in life, so give it a bit of symetry why don't you?
  8. You know what - don't bother
  9. Face it, telly advertising is a smorgasbord of cuntery-fuck at the best of times Throw in Christmas and the social zeitgeist meaning you have to shoehorn in some notionally oppressed group, for fear of being excommunicated from Planet fucking Now and we really are exploring the new tenth circle of Hell currently.
  10. Pathetic. Fail for spelling. Fail-with-public-opprobrium for poverty of imagination. Don't even try harder. A fucking Paramecium has a better chance of excreting something more worthwhile
  11. More sink estate musings from the Corner's Tub-Thumping political gumby. The NHS is the fourth (?) biggest employer in the Western World. It's clearly a shame that, notwithstanding its £140bn p.a. budget, the NHS failed to prepare for the predictable and predicted increase in admissions as winter approaches. Nevertheless, until this year, it had never occurred to me the state had the power to stop my sister's small business from operating simply because that might make it easier for one of its services to function. What disdain the government must have for us! And what a dreadfu
  12. It's like 'Spoilt Bastard' in Viz made sentient. Kids (apparently) going to throw the motherlode of all wobblies if they don't get precisely the correct console on which to play 'Snuff The Whores in the Dystopian Future (Suffolk Version)'! Parents acquiescing to this madness instead of clipping the little cunts round the ear and giving them a small orange and a bag of balloons and telling them to be bloody grateful! We're going to hell in a (Super Mario) handcart, I tell thee.
  13. Tears well with pride at my CC comrades jumping on this one already. The neutering of our language and our art, in favour of other peoples idea of notional 'good taste' is beyond pathetic. I hope anyone offended by this piece of artistic brilliance gets bummed to death by a faggot after being attacked with used needles by an old slut on junk.
  14. Tony McCoy Champion jump Jockey every year he was a professional (20) in a sport where broken bones and soft-muscle injuries are part and parcel of the game - all achieved at about 2 stones below his natural weight. Total refusal to be beaten, allied to incredible horsemanship, strength and willingness to travel anywhere in the country and overseas for a winner
  15. Or for Punkers the very real prospect of Man United 1 - Man City also 1
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