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  1. He's now running as a French Presidential candidate and as former head of the EU Brexit negotiation team, is trying to come off as a Eurosceptic! What could be a more telling indictment of the entire fraud of the "European Project" than to witness the extraordinary volte face of M Barnier? Mr Europe - The man for whom the 4 Freedoms were indivisible and entirely sacrosanct. The man who refused to accept the idea that the EU could or should ever give an inch. For whom ECJ edicts were as unchallengeable as the word of God. All well and good whilst he sat cocooned in his Ivory Tower in Brussels, part of the technocratic priesthood dictating doctrine, safe from the inconvenience of ever having to achieve a mandate. But now, channelling his inner Farage, coming out and saying “We must regain our legal sovereignty so that we are no longer subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights.” Isn't it illuminating that even the most staunch defender of the EU has to turn against the institutions and point out their obvious faults if he wants to appeal to an actual voter? PS Those aren't terrorist bombs going off. They're Guardian-readers heads exploding at the overload of cognitive failure induced by this turn of events.
  2. It's okay - he was "scum" (Angela Rayner) and "a fascist" (Owen Jones, David Lammy et al) and that's what they deserve isn't it? It really is time to dial down the dehumanising rhetoric and realise that for the most part we are a tolerant, good-natured, but imperfect nation. There hasn’t been a rise in racism in the UK in recent years. Just a rise in the number of people being called ‘racist’.
  3. A recent convert to Islam you say? Rather like the victims of Vilyım Tell here, I never saw that one coming
  4. Couldn't they just play 'Gimmee Shelter' a dozen times, in a sort of woke penance gesture?
  5. Think Marcus Rashford is organising a demo, but I may have got crossed-wires on this one.
  6. Cultural appropriation is in itself racist isn't it? I mean who's to say what culture whatever stuff is, notionally, from? The blues.....doom metal......professional football......jeans.....lobster thermidor....fucking hell it's getting mighty crowded, dancing on this pinhead, be it breakdancing, pogoing, the Viennese Waltz, Twist, Boogie or Madison (phew I hope I've covered all bases. You don't want to be accused of racism do you - you could end up losing your job)
  7. It's because they have to swear fealty to the Monarch and there's as much chance of that as Graeme Norton getting a Father's Day card
  8. Oh that's just the spurned lover in you talking!
  9. Panz - it was good whilst it lasted my dear and I know you must be hurting. But these entreaties - heartfelt as they undoubtedly are, must now stop. We are not coming back and you really must move on. If it helps, mutual friends have told me that Monsieur Macron has taken a shine to you as has that new guy next door in Germany. They are warm, generous lovers so I'm told, until you actually meet them...... I take it you've tried painting your room black and playing Ronnie James Dio records at 11, going on a totally unsustainable diet and exercise regime, in addition to the scribblings of these fierce shards of manic poetry herein. I hope this helps you get over our time together, but please, don't force us to go for the restraining order....that would be unseemly and sully the memory of our wonderful times together
  10. I'm not a gynaecologist but I know one when I see one....... https://headtopics.com/uk/drivers-pack-their-cars-with-jerry-cans-while-panic-buyers-queue-21929066
  11. She's the one who, whilst International Trade Secretary, quietly oversaw the successful negotiation of several dozen post-Brexit, trade deals including one completed within a few months, with Japan. Competency. Ability to deliver and (see postings passim) 'a cracking pair of tits' - nah......that'll never work
  12. Educandi nos non sumus Ne coacti credamus Sarcasmus ater in conclavi. Magister linque pueros. MA-GISTER LINQUE PUEROS! Tu omnino later fies hoc in muro. Tu omnino later fies hoc in muro.
  13. Where do you start? How about collecting right-backs like Tesco Customers collect Clubcard points? As for this 'Green' load of old monkeyspunk, I'd let them turn up in a 50 year-old, diesel-powered charabanc, that does 9 miles to the gallon, with Harry Kane farting enough methane to cover the ongoing gas deficit causing the breakdown of the British retail and power sector, if we could score a goal from open play. Hell, I'd even open negotiations at ' missing out the first defender at set-pieces'!
  14. I didn't give 'deep fried with a heroin coating' as an option
  15. Sort of my point Do you deal with any extreme issue by advocating for the polar opposite in vehement terms - or for a middle-ground around which (hopefully) the vast majority can coalesce?
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