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  1. Clearly there to appeal to the yoof demographic (everyone wants to get 've kidz' on board) via the patronising belief they prioritise faux 'authenticity' over competency
  2. Jiggerycock

    Will Young

    Why the fuck do we spend, what, billions p.a on GCHQ for our national online and general 'Spooks' security? I reckon Baws, Roops and a couple of pints of mild and a Lambrini chaser every now and again for the both of them, and the Russian bots would be sent straight to silicon hell. You could build databases the size of Kent, throw as much Machine Learning and AI at it as you like and it'd STILL not touch the knowledge and recollection power of this pair. Plus of course there's Roops' Cooler deterrent if the Reds got a bit lairy
  3. Jerry Sadowitz pushed the envelope for sure but most of his jokes weren't that good. Great close up magician though and he outed Jimmy Saville years beforehand so the balance tips in his favour "like a big fat fucking retarded fucking black girl, on a see-saw.........opposite, a dwarf."
  4. Jiggerycock

    Channel 4

    At least this stuff is corralled into one concentrated and therefore avoidable blob on Channel Four. I guess the true 'Alamo Moment' is when you're watching hitherto proper, clean-nobbed old hetro TV like, say, SAS Who Dares Wins and Ant Middleton is instructing the recruits to tumble backwards into freezing water, filled with sharks, jellyfish and old shopping trolleys - at which point some strapping former rugby player steps forward and goes 'but won't that smudge my mascara, sweetie?'
  5. Nah, you're all right - they definitely deserved it. A flaming bag of dogshit on the doorstep with 'Knock Down Ginger' to that bitch next door and you'll be right as rain "Hell is other people" don't forget
  6. Gylfi until proven innocent
  7. Good! Wish we'd done the same in that European Championships qualifier when the Bulgarians started in with that corny racist shit they go in for. "Oh but then the racists would have won!" You think so? .....Or would it actually have forced UEFA / FIFA / National Governments to do something effective, when one of the top rank teams in the world goes, collectively, we're not putting up with this shit anymore? ......or maybe we'll just keep making easy gestures like kneeling down and wearing rainbow armbands, because that's sorted things out good and proper hasn't it?
  8. That'd be critical race theory, which, as a white person, you are caught in the clef-stick of acknowledging (i.e. being in the ludicrous position of being responsible for things that happened before you were a string of DNA) or challenging (in which case you are 'in denial' or suffering from 'unconscious' racism or the subject matter of 'why I can no longer talk to white people about race). Anti-white rhetoric is now so endemic in our language that the mere prefix ‘white’ is sufficient to render a word derogatory: whitesplaining, white privilege, white fragility. Even charity performed by white people is now distasteful. Comic Relief, who for so long have borne the brunt of such ignominious donations, have finally had £8million worth of white saviourhood wiped from their books, thanks to the visionary zeal of David Lammy. When everything is racist, nothing is
  9. You'd be forgiven for thinking my 'obscene random word generator bot' (Come on! We've all got one!) has gone berserk, but float with me on this one folks - it's a belter, though I do say so myself. A library event in Redbridge, which purportedly was established to encourage kiddies to read more, booked a participant dressed as a bare-bottomed monkey with a big old false cock sewn onto his costume. Now, I know we've uncovered plenty of 'end of our days' shit in this little group of ours, over the years, but this is beyond that.....the triumph of randomness, liberalisation and hyper-sexualization on steroids! If I'm honest, I don't know if this is a nomination for the Corner - or a suicide note from a moribund culture. Anyway, here it is in all its glory..... https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/london-library-redbridge-monkey-costume-children-event-b945272.html
  10. You've got a lot to learn about 21st Century Britain You must NEVER question the truth or provenance of any story from a member of a professional victim group. The result of this will be anything from being politely shunned, a Twitter Mob pile-on, losing your job or, imprisonment under the Hate Crime laws (whereby, for the first time in English jurisprudence it doesn't matter whether a crime had been committed before an arrest can take place so long as someone could claim to have been “offended” or the victim of a “hate crime”, or worse still, someone could claim to have witnessed on someone else's behalf, said 'crime being committed).
  11. I know! You go on a Nazi Pogrom you've been looking forward to for ages - and some cunt organises a game of football in the middle of it!
  12. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/19692/12353470/italy-1-1-england-player-ratings-from-euro-2020-final Saka got a 10! It is hard to think of how he could possibly have improved on that performance. What one thing could he add to his game to make himself a better player? Any ideas?
  13. Oh DO shut the fuck up! This tradition was initiated and still continues in Latin American nations and was taken up with gusto by Scotland for whom the booing of GSTQ was mothers milk to a nation that largely defines itself by how much it hates the English. Football is still a game largely watched (live at any rate) by working class blokes who swear, wave flags. sing off colour songs and get stupidly emotional. Since the world is now run by people who actively loathe these types, small wonder the football fan is now characterised as up there with Chlamydia as 'The English Disease'.
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