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  1. Gladly - you 'wannabe rebel but actually pencil-neck' willing fucking slave!
  2. You've persuaded a woman to not only come within 30 feet of you without the use of rohypnol and waiving her rights to use of a restraining order, but to share (what for handy reference purposes we will call...) your life with her? How the hell did you manage that then?
  3. Oh fuck off with your mewling love of state control of the minutiae of your, and it would seem, everyone elses lives!
  4. Hands (in the till). (Must save) Face Space (waste of)
  5. She'll probably be in Episode three - a 'differentailly abled martial arts expert' sent to protect the lesbian!
  6. Yeah - the irony of it was not lost on me!
  7. Saw episode 1 of BBC 1's Sunday night drama 'Roadkill' and it's safe to say I won't be watching episode 2. Predictable, box-ticking, derivative and dull. White, male, middle-aged, populist MP (have a guess which party!) is going to be bought down by a combination of crusading femal journalist (with sexist, white, middle age, male boss) and her Asian lover, with possible help from a black female lawyer. MP has an illegitimate child (guess which race!), a (legitimate) drug-addicted daughter, a lesbian chauffeur, a female boss with a (smug) female chief whip and an extra-marital a
  8. Raheem Stirling's left leg? Sorry, that's 'not right and not fair'. My bad.
  9. It's right wing terroroism we must be scared of, didn't you get the e-mail? Anders Brehvik.....Jo Cox....Nigel Farage......Jack Whitehall's dad.....someone I met in a pub who wanted lower taxes......{wibble}
  10. I'm tempted to go minimalist here, point readers at the use of Steppenwof's counter-culture classic 'Born To Be Wild' (for many, the start of heavy metal) and its insipidly twee makeover in the new Volvo ad, and leave it at that. Can't these cultural ghouls leave stuff alone though? Isn't there enough oh-so-lame contemporary music out there that large swathes of the population humm and whirr to, that ad-men can slap on a video of, oh I dunno, a labrador puppy licking some bubble gum icecream in order to sell you some shit you don't need. I only bring this up because Christmas is arou
  11. Fatima's already got a job you stupid fucking imbeciles - one that make's your (present) nugatory lives that tiny bit more enriched.....well, after you've smoked that rollie, grassed on your neighbours, taken your head out your arse and had a BIG old wank!!!
  12. I think it's got something to do with the fact that if Itchy Ballsack, Handjob and that despot Johnson have a Spotify account, own a turntable, have been to the theatre or cinema once during this lockdown, then they're hypocrites (as well as cunts, natch) in an already crowded arena.
  13. Saw him on telly recently - felt like I'd been punched in the face by information
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