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  1. Yet another example of the vast distance from reality that the EU displays, showing us that it is nothing much more than a 1950's utopian project with a vast bureaucracy to sustain it, ever more conspicuous in its irrelevance. This development is all about diverting the focus of responsibility for the spectacular fuck-up overseen by Ursula Fonder-Lying and her retinue of cuntwitted apparatchiks regarding the EU's procurement of vaccines. Of course, it may well (should?) serve to concentrate the thinking of managers for any multi-national company contemplating setting up in the EU, give
  2. {sits back, lights up a cheroot} See I was around in the Holy Moly days in the 'noughties' with the likes of Blartmonster, fighting the Bodrachowski Wars - fucking Google me you cunts if you don't believe me! However I see myself as a sort of cunting 'John Peel' (a tautology if ever there was one), forever in pursuit of the 'new' and the 'challenging' (which Is why I find the likes of Harold such a monumental source of disappointment), kicking down the old cunters and venting spleen with the tenacity and clarity purpose that only 've kidz possess. Now nurse - pass me my wintergr
  3. Have a look in the mirror and ask yourself 'What do I bring to the table'. The biscuits? That and a simmering air of sexual dynamism and a cock the size of Somerset.
  4. If only - at least they would have some semblance of attachment to their team and understanding of their history, tradition and culture. If you'd have said 'The sort of Pacific Rim cunts whose only trip to England to see Spurs play ended up at Tottenham Court Road tube station asking for directions to the ground' then you'd have been close. This (thankfully stillborn it seems) piece of offal was all about them and not 'Legacy (i.e real) fans' in Europe
  5. ....or be able to articulate them. "s' a continent of two halves. The chairman dun great and at ve' end of 've day my bank balance is the winner"
  6. Presenter missed a trick there. He should have invoked the ghost of Ms Craddock by telling her to 'cook them until her doughnuts came out looking like Fannys' and seen the look of confusion on the munters' face.
  7. He's done that already - he uses his hand and then flings the result around, hoping to hit members of the bourgeoise.
  8. Like you say, it's a tricky one but I think flamethrowers may have a part to play
  9. Me? Why is it down to me?? The State has checks and balances to del with this kind of thing. Oh wait, no it hasn't at least none that are effective, which makes my point. It's always gone on and no bugger is vexed enough about it to vote in anyone who will do Jack Shit about it. Deal with it - how? Practically - and don't give me a load of revolutionary bullshit out of your 'Pol Pot guide to slaughtering the middle classes' - how? No one is getting rid of the secret handshake, the old school tie and beer and sandwiches for the Union grandees. Just try and walk on the bullshit r
  10. Now you're talking! I presume you're also familiar with the work of Bad Brains, The Minutemen, Circle Jerks? I read somewhere the other day that Lady Gaga was regarded as 'edgy' and I realised it was all over for me and the music press / thought leaders.
  11. But that's not the point is it? You're right - businesses grease the palms of power the world over but you seem to think it's purely the Tories (in the UK) that are on the take. That may be the case, because, as I pointed out, they have been in power for longer than anyone else since WW2 and have therefore more opportunity for mud to stick However, just off the top of my head ; Harold Wilsons 'Lavender List', Peter Jay, Peter Mandelson (x2), Tessa Jowell's husband.....but hey, like you said my understanding of politics is negligible and I'm sure you, Master Oogway of the 6th Form Com
  12. Why? It's going to write its semi-literate, hyper-punctuated, ill-informed screed no matter what - may as well have some fun with it.
  13. Really? Your splentetic diatribes on this matter merely serve to remind me of Lord Acton's most famous quote, with which you're doubtless familiar, given your wealth of knowledge in the political arena. Of course, this applies more to the Tories, because they've had their hands more on the levers of power in the last several years.
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