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  1. The same might be said of a left hand amputee attempting a counter clockwise auto reach around. I've been down the pub again.
  2. Elize Ryd,oooof, yes......That's how you do metal, punk, other stuff fusion. Epic.
  3. Uncanny....My campaign slogan for 2024, representing the Northern Clique.
  4. You're obviously pissed as a cunt. Have a like anyway.
  5. Eric, I swear I was stone cold sober. Menace pie will be my killer dish when I smash the Masterchef 2022 title.
  6. I'm inclined to imagine you more in the role of pretentious pseudo casual intellectual. I can picture it now, you're attending an underground lockdown event hosted by Professor Chris Whitty at his country retreat near Cromer. Whilst discussing high brow Covid strategy with the host, you nonchalantly extract your pipe, exhale a large cloud of imitation Gauloises (nuclear strength) and whilst gesturing toward him with the mouthpiece, state, "Chris, would you like to suck my dick?"
  7. You've just reminded me it's been a while since I indulged in my favourite dish of "Menace Pie". An infinitely variable dish depending on the current contents of one's pantry, fridge and how pissed you are. The base contents however never change, baked beans and oxtail soup.
  8. BuggerLugs


    As I always knew. A product of the OxBridge machine, shit scared of everything that might taint his public image, I hope the fat cunt dies from long covid complications, more invented bollocks for thick cunts. I'm off for a shit. Happy new year and fuck off.
  9. You'll know the end is near when she asks for a prawn cracker.
  10. Show some respect you thick cunt, that's Simon Weston. I bet you call a dual carriageway a drool cabbageway.
  11. I'd say that's a seriously well hung newt, in fact, it'd have to be black.
  12. Eric, in fact I think the stupid homo-vacuous cunt already experiences a big black cock several times a week and he pays for it.
  13. Stop taking the tests. Defy and Prosper. Simple.
  14. 3 months and I'd have already ate t'fucking kestrel, t'ferret and t'whippet. T'kids would be frantically robbing every cunt in range and t'missus would be breeding their siblings, future conscripts and cannon fodder for t'blossoming YRA in preparation for t'bloody assimilation o t'south. Fire up the "General Lee" Decs, gather all your incestuous banger racing swamp cousins and stand to. The battle of Swaffham field will soon be upon you. Fuck thissen off.
  15. Agreed. They'll be Lib Dem defectors before Summer 2021.
  16. Never mind all that bollocks, whop out yer cock and crack on!
  17. Hold that thought. That's all you have.
  18. Sadly, I suspect you may be right. That immeasurably thick spastic, Boris, is preparing the ground to roll over on an EU dictated trade deal. I hope Cummings and co. have the ammo to bring the stupid fat cunt down in a massive meltdown ball of flames.
  19. Oooooofff! My Missus used to punch me when I was drooling over the telly. I'm off to inject her with my patent and proven anti-Covid 19 serum. It's bursting with vitamin D that knows. Bum soir!
  20. Agreed. On z side, and le development sur autre disconsionmentalmenontstufuff....eé...Yes, I fucking know, I'm just back from't pub lock in and I'm arseholed, but... Nicole, Renault Clio advert, the ultimate??? Joe Biden can fuck off the tight lipped cunt.
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