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SMART kitchen appliances

Guest 'eavensabove

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Guest 'eavensabove

The next time you piss in your neighbours sink or shag his wife up the shitter, be aware that your actions will be filmed by the new-wave of kitchen appliances that are being developed under the backing of The Plod. Samsung is already  selling a fridge which films its surroundings and washing machines & cookers are soon to follow suit. The Ol' Bill reckon that most house-crime is done in the kitchen, from burglaries to murder and rolling a spliff... Filming these acts will aid the catching and successfully prosecuting these culprits, say's the filth.

Some cunt has already been charged with the murder of his wife, in his own home, simply due to an increase with his water supply being noticeably used to douse down the kitchen to remove blood stains and other bad things, such as a spag bol from LIDYL.   

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