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Idiotic Drivers on Motorways


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Picture the scene.... Your driving along on the inside lane doing a nice 70Mph when you spot some absolute CUNT (Really cannot stress this enough) in the middle overtaking lane pottering along, and a whole string of ever so slightly lesser CUNTS tailed back in the far overtaking lane, rendering the whole motorway system one big queue generator. Dont these moronic cunts realise they are holding up hundreds of people for miles behind them driving some cunts into breaking the law and the highly dangerous manouvre of undertaking them! Even when you drive from inside lane all the way to the outside overtaking lane and then pull back into a clear inside lane again they are still driving on mindless of what they are doing. These Cunts of the highest order probably waste more peoples time and cause more acidents than they will ever even come close to a glimpse of understanding, and the worst thing is they are everywhere! CUUUUUUUNTS - unfortunately they dont usually hear that cry as you drive past because they are in such a fucking daydream

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