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Adam Sandler


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This guy used to rock but now he has descended in major mediocrity. Bedtime stories, funny people, the grown ups and that now shit with that old slag Jennifer aniston should all be renamed SHITE People used to let his terrible product placement and corporate whoring pass (SUBWAY IN HAPPY GILMORE, SNACK PACKS IN BILLY MADISON, GATORADE IN THE WATERBOY, MCDONALDS AND HOOTERS IN BIG DADDY, POPEYES IN LITTLE NICKY, REESES IN 50 FIRST DATES, NIKE AND MCDONALDS IN THE LONGEST YARD & MANY MORE IF YOU LOOK) due to his films being awesome but now they see he for what he is A SELF LOVING UNFUNNY SOULESS ADVERT PUSHING HAS BEEN CUNT!!!!!!mad

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