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The folk on The Corner are in the main as jet set and debonair as it's possible to be. Obviously. But for some of us the path to casually smoking a cheroot while sipping on a Cinzano Bianco in an absent minded fashion didn't come easily. For some of us this path was full of poor choices and cuntish decisions. For instance not every album you own can be a waxing of a French concert from 1965 of "A Love Supreme." To get the ball rolling I'll put my hands up to a couple of shockers. When I purchased "20 With A Bullet", I can't of done it because I wanted to hear "I Could Be So Good For You", by Dennis Cunt And The Dennis Cunt Band. Or "Physical",by Olivia Newton Cunt. (Think aurally, not visually). Let alone "Love Makes The World Go Round", by The Jets, or Daddy's Home, by ehem Cliff. Unless the song was about a returning recidivist...returning to prison. I also paid cold cash for "Introducing The Hardline, According To Terrence Trent D'Arby, by Terrence Trent D'Arby. Who let's be honest, if Cunts Corner had been around 25 years ago, would have caused the World Wide Web to crash. So it's hands up time. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT?

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