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Aid for Pakistan


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the Uk government is giving 226 million pounds to Pakifuckingstan this year and plans to increase the aid to this shithole to 446 million next year.... they have their own nuclear programme, 70% of their corrupt criminal MP's do not file tax returns....this country is the shittiest shithole from shitland shitania which is occupied by liars, terrorists and peodo's WTF is the UK government on....there are elderly people who have paid taxes in the UK all their lives, who are struggling to survive or keep warm, the hospitals are a joke, the armed forces have been cut so much that Surrey council employs more non job penpushers than the Army,Navy and Airforce put together but somehow this putrid carbuncle of a country rates highly enough to recieve 446 million pounds of taxpayers money next year. Appologies to putrid carbuncles for being compared to PAKISTANK........ right i'm off to my flower arranging and candle making class :)

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