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This is a central doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, which contests that during the Eucharist ceremony, the cracker and cheap wine are transormed into the body of Christ. This is not to be be viewed as symbolic, but as the actual consumption of the living flesh of a first century Jew. This is clearly mad dog bullshit, dreamt up in a pre-enlightened era, before the deveopment of science and rational explanations for our existence. Of course when you point out the scientific implausibility of their fairy tales, you get the convenient answer that, science doesn't have the tools to determine theological matters. This is indicative of how they brainwash children; by peddling their fables, in a way that is untestable, unfalsifiable and unobservable. That this pile of wankery is indoctrinated into children in the twenty first century, is surely a cunt! Or put more eloquently by Victor Hugo "There is in every village a torch- the teacher, and an extinguisher- the clergyman".

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