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Grand design dopey cunts


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Where does Kevin "patronising" Mcloud find a couple dopey pair of cunts each week to torture us with their mathematical and organisational incompetence and tales of woe, and shocking taste in knitwear! Why don't they fuck off back to their mum and dads spare room and leave us the fuck alone. Thick Cunts!!!

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Sitting here studying the form for Cheltenham this weekend and the good lady wife has got Grand Designs on.

It's the biggest pile of self-stroking wank this side of a Bukkake festival. I'm going to sit here and play 'Grand Design Bingo'

"Space" (When us civilians mean 'room' or 'house') - Check!

"Airiness - Check!

Couple of clichéd homosexuals - Check!

"Seamless Integration" - Check!

"Integrating compact airiness" - Check! (Okay I made that one up)

These cunts have no idea what they are talking about as long as they sound plausible to the pseuds-ghetto they inhabit. The ultimate triumph of style over substance.


I think Knockanrawley might win the 4.00 on Friday

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