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Someone elses cunt of a war


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Europe is taking thousands of Refugees from Syria and the UK has pledged another 100 million quid bringing our contribution up to 600 million, there are calls for the UK and the rest of Europe to take more because the conditions in these camps are becoming unbearable.... one can only assume that when they say unbearable, they are illuding to the unreported rape of many women and children in these camps by filthy Arab cunts.... oh well that's Islam for you..... Allahhhhh Akbahhhhhh.....It's like a trailer to a horror movie..... "ASYLUM"..... coming to a town near you, a tale of rape, violence and criminality perpetrated by uneducated brainwashed idiots and funded by hard working taxpaying people, treated like idiots by the very people they vote in.... you couldn't make it up

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