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Sky Sports Saturday


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Where to fucking begin.These 5 cunts have systematically ruined my saturday afternoon with there blithering pronouncements, spewing out shite at a speed akin to a touching cloth shit after a dodgy vindaloo.Up first is Le Tiss.By no means the worst cunt but if memory serves me an adulterer so lets just call him a cheating cunt.Fuckin Geoff to follow with his imbecilic James Brown doll.The sooner the better that shitshack of a side Hartlepool go down the better.It was mildly funny once, back in the 90,s Geoff.Fuck off with it you cunt its worn thinner than an anorexics waist.Tomo the big nosed cunt up next.Whats his problem with the Yiddo,s.Cunt hates Spurs.You,d think with a honk as substantive as his he,d show some empathy with Harrys army.Scouse cunt, nuff said.Dowie the cunt next.What is this cyborg looking cunt doing with that Purple sweet from the Xmas tin of Roses on his lapel.I dont think iv,e ever seen his ill-fitting suit without one on it.Go back to V rehersals you Android Cunt.Finally the biggest cunt of the lot Champagne Charlie Nicholas.Jock cunt who loves the limelight.Constantly interrupting any other person talking so he can get the camera on his smug mug.I,d say he,s a cheap cunt to boot.Champagne my arse, only if some other cunt is buying.Bring back those two septegenarian racists Mclintock and Marsh.Otherwise the fuckin dogs goin to be getting the legs walked off her between 3-5.

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