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Psychic in cunt shock


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So the Acorah cunt claims knowledge, from his spritual guide, that Maddie McCann is dead and everyone is suddenly fucked off with him. Surely this denotes that some fucking thick cunts actually take him at his word otherwise? We have tolerated this fucking inarticulate yet relatively harmless charlatan twat and his paper tiger magic show for far too long as it is. Harmless enough when it's 'someone' from the middle ages who's spooked the cunt, and I dare say, entertainment for single digit IQ ruminants. So why, now that he's possibly touched a raw nerve in Britain's dumb hopefuls, has everybody got their back up? Is it because we all hope or believe that this little girl is still alive? I certainly do, but let's be realistic. We don't need an ex-footballer telling us what we already sadly suspect. He's now hopefully and finally shot himself in the foot in front of his audience of half-believing red-neck, red-top readers with his commercial money spinning shite. So gullibility is only relative?..Ooo, hang on, I'm speaking to Anne Boleyn right now and...yes... she says through the miasma that Acorah's a cunt, along with half the nation who've made the fucking helmet a multi-millionaire in the first place. I don't know who I'm angrier with, Acorah or the fucking erstwhile believing idiots who've suddenly taken umbrage. I imagine his future lies in selling second-hand washing machines out of the back of a rusty white Bedford van, somewhere in Bootle. Fucking twat.

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