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Cameron Trigger Happy Cunt


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Or rather the cunt wedged so far up America's arse you wonder what other Greensill businesses he has going on. The cunt calmly announces a joint US Britain air attack INSIDE Yemen which under normal circumstances is a declaration of war WITHOUT any reference to Parliament. 

Give his track record in Syria (which I pulled from Britannica below) and I remember the cunt crying his eyes out on telly because the Commons told him he couldn't join in the US air attacks over (guess what) alleged chemicals weapons stockpile (as in Iraq, WMD that never existed) and him saying gritted teeth "I hear it". 

Well this fuckng time he did want to hear it, so he didn't bother with Parliament aided and a betted by the little brown shit bag of a prime minister who doesn't seem to have a shred of fibre anywhere in his body. 

Britannica on Camera and Syria 2013


During the first half of 2013, the United Kingdom joined France in pressing the EU to lift its embargo on the sale of arms and other military equipment to Syria in an effort to support the opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. In late August Cameron sought to intervene more directly in the Syrian Civil War by backing a proposed U.S.-led strike against chemical-weapons installations following a poison gas attack on suburbs of Damascus that allegedly had been launched by Syrian government forces. He recalled Parliament from its summer break for an emergency debate in order to secure approval for British participation in the retaliatory military intervention. The Labour Party and a significant number of Conservative and Liberal Democratic MPs, however, were reluctant to support action, as was the general public"

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Getting back, a nice little ongoing military campain over the Red Sea is going to wonders for shipping. It's all about containing Iran and protecting Israel. Cost: more terrorist attacks in the UK which won't affect Cameron and his family or the brown rats Sunaks. 

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