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  1. I bet that you were shooting your load as you typed that.
  2. Where have you been .. have you been blocking more fox holes and shooting otters?
  3. Billy you have been outed .. your anus is so stretched that a bet dyno rod could put a drain pipe up it without it touching the side.
  4. I think that you have probably had your share of cock up your back passage as well Stubby. You talk far too much about it to not have given it a try. Do you and Billy also play golf?
  5. No, its your sex partner with his giant cock rammed up your shitpipe you filthy homo.
  6. Dawn Chorus

    Will Young

    Its American HUMOR. I was watching some imported American show back in 1968 and the host introduced the "funniest comedian ever" .. it turned out to be Woody Allen who was utterly unfunny. The only way American HUMOR ever works is when they themselves send it up.
  7. Dawn Chorus

    Will Young

    Didn't she used to do a Joan Rivers send-up act?
  8. Dawn Chorus

    Will Young

    I think he might have clicked the quote button twice.
  9. Dawn Chorus

    Will Young

    Helen Lederer used to do a drunk sloane ranger act.
  10. Billy judging from the way you keep talking about it you must be totally obsessed with cock .. I bet that you have had more cock in your big fat gob and up your shit pipe than I've had hot dinners.
  11. No it was the flood of tears from you when the dentist pull all your teeth out Bolly Bumboy.
  12. I no longer have a car Gordon and I haven't driven one for several months .. it might be worth asking @Cuntybawswhen I last drove a car as he will know.
  13. It was more likely to be your big fat toothless mouth, that will look like a fanny with flaps.
  14. Dawn Chorus

    Will Young

    Are you Cheshire Set or Sloan Ranger and do you know Punkape?
  15. He has got plenty of time on his hands both to probe the internet and to think up his "rapid response" one liners. The shame is that he is not using his time to do anything useful.
  16. Fuckin ‘ell gents! Who brokered the peace between you two then? Eric? The dickless feral cunt did a similar one on Stubby in 2021, plenty of similar ones on Frank and Withers. For a busy "council executive" he appears to have a lot of time on his hands.
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