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    When you take into account population, climatic and population densities there is no significant difference. and in practical terms no real way to compare what is and what was happening in each country at the various times during the pandemic. There is also the factor that the British/Irish in general are very bloody minded.
  2. There will have been businesses that benefited from our membership of the EU just as there were businesses that lost out when we joined the then EEC and continued to either lose out or went out of business because of our continued membership of the EEC/EU. Post exits there are businesses that will lose out but other will benefit and new businesses that were unable to function will doubtless form to function in this new post brexit world. We will manage ok, whether or not we will do better overall is a different matter .. the better position to take is to wish us well and hope that we do well a
  3. I think the issues are that she likely part owns the site, it is on the internet, it is not government owned or controlled and she can do what she desires re the site, the cooler is not a real place and whilst you cannot post on the forum whilst "in" the cooler unlike most prisons you can still go out and have a game of croquet or whatever.
  4. I think that he is confusing it with the European Convention of Human Rights something which we have in effect been signed up to since the early 1950s. There is this 1998 Human Rights Act which so far as I can tell signed us up to something that we were were already signed up. We are in effect currently in a state of emergency similar to a wartime situation. However I think that was intended to provide for potential effects of being a member of the EU. Correct me if I am wrong.here is actually presently no legal requirement to have the vaccine .. simply a strong recommendation to do so by the
  5. More Lizards here https://www.hindustantimes.com/more-lifestyle/mark-zuckerberg-is-an-alien-and-other-wild-conspiracy-theories-from-2019/story-3QTQP9EWfJLMvf4lmUPkpJ.html
  6. I have long thought that privatisation was not really about big business but more about cunts creating more layers of bureaucracy to hide behind and make cushy well paid little jobs for themselves and their cronies .. big business benefits but at the cost of destroying true competition.
  7. A getty images stock photo .. she might well be of a darker hue. An issue is that in days gone by there would also have been officers of the law challenging children who looked to be of school age if they were out and about during school hours.
  8. Frank empties the bins in Sheringham.
  9. In the world before EDUCASHUM, EDUCASHAM, unless you were sent to some private or public school you would attend the nearest council, Cof E or Catholic school you would turn up on the day and enrol. There would be no question of applying for a place unless your parents decided otherwise and there would be no real competition between schools other than inter-school punch ups. Sometime in the 1980s a few fuckwits decided to introduce competition into the by then state school sector and we now have fuck ups like this .. add to this the question of where the fuck was the Attendance Officer who in
  10. What is important is that you are a toothless twenty something, a total wreck .. a truly dreadful state of affairs.
  11. Reading one of your recent postings it would appear that you are in your mid twenties and toothless .. how did that happen?
  12. Wouldn't it be easier just to call him Eric The Horrible?
  13. There is a poor asylum seeker from Iraq moaning that he has been treated so badly here that if he had known how bad it was he would have stayed in Iraq.
  14. They can all play the dog whistle.
  15. Has Australia moved? According to the current maps it is in the Indian Ocean.
  16. I suspect that the total number of people who have been infected with the virus is much higher than the official figures. One of the standing instructions appears to be that if you only have mild symptoms you do not call your GP. Whilst I have been for my eye torment throughout I have not been to to my local GP practice for a diabetes review since October 2019 and other than doing my repeat prescriptions on line I have had no other contact with them. Now before you blood boils over because it is me saying this, an interesting point should be considered in that it is likely that the vast majori
  17. Did he wear a muffler when he had intercourse with the tailpipe?
  18. In a lot of countries old fashioned pride is still alive and well and people will not admit to being poor .. it might be that in the UK we are more given to being open about poverty.
  19. Not forgetting that the UK was a founding member .. in reality the UK was THE founding member. I think that the only non-member is Belarus.
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