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  1. Allah is gay

    Allah is not gay, he just enjoys the company of naked, oiled, young men, nothing wrong with that, ask Punkers.
  2. Lack of evidence

    'Dress Gyps up in white as the virgin mother.' Now that would be stretching credibility a touch too far! Worn-out dart boards comes to mind...
  3. Bratz

    There's a duck, that sings? Fuckin' hell, whover owns that waddling little cunt will make a mint on Britain's Got Talent, that tone-deaf twat Cowell will be wetting himself at the endless possibilities for exploitation.
  4. Female football pundits

    We need a link to that video, make it quick before the stiffy subsides, you cunt.
  5. When the fun stops

    Bang fuckin' bang!
  6. England World Cup Squad

    That must be a novelty for you Woofers, two (alleged) humans drinking together, rather than you and your canine lover with your snouts in the dog bowl.
  7. England World Cup Squad

    Only down the road, to the nearest gay club, to make good on his celebrations in the gents toilet, jizz gargling cunt!
  8. Roger Bannister

    It was scanned from the original you keep in your wallet! (don't worry, I won't tell anybody;-))
  9. Roger Bannister

  10. Cunts who walk tiny dogs in the snow and very cold weather

    I fuckin' hate dogs!
  11. Roger Bannister

    Apart from football!
  12. Sinks too high to wash your cock and balls

    Have you ever considered, maybe you're a short arsed cunt, in which case, it's your own fucking fault, try carrying around a thimble full of warm water, that should be enough for washing a man of your modest proportions!
  13. The Beast From The East

    At least I don't have to walk around behind her picking up her shit in a bag, I just put her out in the garden, to graze.
  14. First Day of Spring Bollox from the BBC

    The first day of spring was actually in the middle of February, when the temperature reached double figures on 19th. Michael Fish is a cunt. Fuck off!
  15. Losing to Scotland

    Never mind, after Brexit the Scotch cunts can fuck off and join the EU Slugs rugby team, the British Lions will be well rid of the whining jimmy Krankie, ginger cunts!