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  1. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    Just how much of a cunt are you? A dog is loyal to whoever feeds it, that's the be all and end all of a fucking relationship with an animal, they're only interested in food and where and when it's coming from. Don't pretend that animals give a fuck about anything else in their miserable fucking lives. The stupid mutt looks at you with it's sad, pleading eyes, when are you going to give me some food, you cunt? End of! BTW, I read the Guardian (when I've finished eating me chips)
  2. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    The onions?
  3. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    It wasn't terrorism, or an accident, the pilot should be commended , he was just trying to cut out the parasite middlemen, taxi drivers, hotel service staff, no tips or gratuities etc. by getting the passengers to the beach in the quickest time possible.
  4. 'shithole countries'

    And yet, he did. "Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?" Looks like a question to me, I'm no expert but, I do believe a question ends with a question mark, and the cunts that pass for journalists these days would probably know the difference, so wouldn't have published it as such. Fuck 'em, and him, and you.
  5. Golden Globe Awards 2018

    Aye. that was one massive decorating job, paint everywhere, cunts! Fuck off.
  6. Carillion

    Aylesbury, the hot bed of all cunting 'prog', fuckin' hippies!
  7. People Who Talk About Ancestry

    You came in her mouth?
  8. Online Petitions

    And I get castigated for stating my hatred of dogs, Baws comment was downright sexist.
  9. 'shithole countries'

    Trump asked a perfectly reasonable quesion, so why do all the bleeding-heart, liberal, snowflake cunts get so fuckin' upset? "Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?" the president said in the Thursday afternoon Oval Office meeting with a handful of members of the House and Senate. Coudn't be because said 'snowflakes' feel so fucking guilty about having a roof over their heads and a few meals a day, instead of dining on a scabby rat carcass and taking shelter under a tree when it rains, could it? If you feel that guilty, just give all your money away and shut the fuck up, you know it'll make you feel better (and we won't have to listen to your constant whining)
  10. Clickbait pn social media

    So did 'Sir' James Savile, now where is he?
  11. Nigel Farage

    Too fucking right, and I don't trust any cunt politician from any party to get the job done, they're all in it together, no matter which shit-hole EU country they're from, ours, theirs or any other, self-serving cunts the lot of 'em.
  12. Pair of cunts started tugging on each others sausages right after this picture was taken, well gay posing.
  13. Nigel Farage

    Leave means leave, fuck the snowflakes!
  14. TUI

    You wish!
  15. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    It has to be said, I fuckin' hate dogs!