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  1. What a whiny little cunt you are, and you were the one threatening the kiddies, suck it up and fuck off, snowflake!
  2. r-soles

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    A couple of damn fine albums and a shed-load of great singles, then Weller went a bit 'gay' with that ivory-tinkling poof from the Merton Parkas. oh dear, how sad, too bad, never mind!
  3. r-soles

    Le French......all cunts

    They're saving the rest for the next Eagles Of Death Metal concert!
  4. Oh dear, this conversation is straying frighteningly close to Savile territory, I hope you realise the consequences of this indiscretion.
  5. r-soles

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    Mumford & Sons, Sheeran, Biffy Clyro and Ezra, FFS, what some of you cunts will tolerate for a little bit of nooky, pitiful excuses for manhood. At least some Donna Summer or Barry White might get 'er indoors in the mood for some rumpy pumpy, the aforementioned cunts would only send her to sleep.
  6. r-soles

    Football comin home

    That's ok Woofers, I think you're a pointless waste of genetics as well, the difference being, I don't collect dog shit in a plastic bag, you do, I hope you enjoy your meals with your cack-stained pinkies.
  7. r-soles

    Litter Louts.

    And the other part of the problem is Anon was on here typing this shite when he should've been emptying those fuckin' bins! I don't pay my council tax to support glass-back shirkers like him.
  8. r-soles

    Older men in shit clothes

    Quite frankly only queers and footballists get involved in discussing men's fashion, and your only ball skills are resting a couple of testicles on your chin! Fuck off.
  9. r-soles

    Football comin home

    And most of that is mixed with piss and jizz!
  10. r-soles

    Red cross flag flyers.

    Those that can, do, those that can't, watch it on tv,. Maybe that's why I sit watching porn on a computer. ?
  11. r-soles

    Football comin home

    Everything was lovely, until you mentioned that beacon of selfie-loving mediocrity.
  12. r-soles

    Lynx Gold advert

    Is that a 'special' bus?
  13. r-soles

    WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Are you feckin' queer or just a sycophantic cunt?
  14. r-soles

    WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Up yer feckin' arse?
  15. r-soles

    Miserable cunt neighbours

    I got on fine, couldn't be arsed with strangling the cunts, I poisoned the growly fuckers. Woofer's having a wake for the dearly departed shit machines. Fuck him, he's a cunt as well.