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  1. .........and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped.
  2. Don’t you fucking oppress me.
  3. That’s an interesting point..... there are hardly any police on duty anyway...multiple phone calls to the local Nick will sorely text their resolve.
  4. Call the police, Miss Blennerhassett. Just say there are a couple of drunks in the Penrith tearooms and we want them removed.
  5. It’s clear that there is a degree of point scoring going on.
  6. I think that was a big fucking yes!
  7. ...... Hitler, Goering, Von Ribbentrop. Big family in Huddersfield, I believe.
  8. I thought she was already dead.
  9. If I have lots of cake , I certainly won’t be giving any to pesky kids.
  10. We are allowing ourselves to be run around in fucking circles...... governed by emotive , knee jerk and pandering sentimentality..which is always useful for deflecting awkward questions.
  11. Well.... a couple of things that may be obvious but are cuntish “in extremis” all the home nations are essentially saying the same thing ..in four different ways. Why can’t they have unified approaches? What they have done thus far has slowed it down a bit but what we are seeing is nature taking its course. You won’t eradicate this . The hysteria and misinformation and shite science reporting is driving me around the fucking bend.
  12. What I need is cake....and lots of it...
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