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  1. Pissed, I expect. They’ve all been on the calvados since 2:00 am.
  2. Good point. He is far enough away from me.
  3. Yes...and you are clearly heartbroken. Frank, put the pokey stick away please.
  4. No.... let’s not do this again or it will the darkened room for a few days.
  5. ....and relax. The cooler beckons. Stop now.
  6. Yes...this all very well , but now needs to stop.
  7. What can I say...I was young..it was an adventure.
  8. This is true.... played the organ in a Clacton hotel. Ivy was a Lovely woman. But it wasn’t her I snogged (good Lord no). I had played a gig in town and I went into this hotel bar . Ivy was the organist. I knew who she was. I bought her a gin and she ended up asking me to play with her. So I did. Now..... her singer. Who sang in her last band in the seventies, lived in Pontypool. Never really made it... had tried to make it on tv and in night clubs etc. I got into a clinch with her one night at a dinner and dance...I talked about her with Old Ivy. Ah.. memory lane. The old bird soaked up gin
  9. That’s a shit hot album... recorded in mono!
  10. The ultra orthodox in Israel seem to be able to do what they like. So, they had their rally with sod all public safety regs adhered to ...over filled the venue by far and hey presto! Catastrophe. It was avoidable. But, it’s Israel they will spend the time shouting and arguing and generally being a shambles.....until they are attacked.
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