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  1. It’s more of the same , any mate of Boris...or anyone he is fucking does alright...he is an out of his depth dilettante who was hellbent on trumping David Cameron. Unfortunately for the country he is a clueless cunt who is fucking everything up as he blunders around.
  2. What is this inconsequential fucking dross doing on the airwaves.? I pulled a muscle whilst lunging at the telly to pull it off the wall. Where is that half a house brick when you need it.
  3. Well, ffs... top marks to Les Gendarmerie for “not fucking about “. Over here there would be the endless navel gazing.
  4. And the police shot the fucker..... there we are then... let’s take a leaf out of that book.
  5. That’s more or less how I cook mine...I don’t eat it often...it can be very dry.
  6. How do you like your grouse? How do you prepare and cook yours?
  7. They’ll be fucked in this country then.... the populace are so thick and fucking lazy...they’ll die rather than work.
  8. What about that unseemimgly threatened meeting in the carpark?
  9. You secretly have a hankering for this woman...I can tell.
  10. So...Ms Ferrier doesn’t face police proceedings... what a cunt.
  11. I’m afraid Liverpool and the rest of us are fucked, for the foreseeable future. You can work this out for yourself.... I’m sceptical about the impact of these smokescreen restrictions... 1. They aren’t lockdown in any shape or form , and 2, the diehards (of which there are a multitude) will simply go around them. Which will mean that it is unlikely now, due to the prevalence of the virus, that it can be controlled. Forget the idea of the vaccine...the possibility of that coming at the 11th hour is becoming increasingly remote. What is required is a complete turnaround in the thinking of gover
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