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  1. Off ya go….. let’s see what you can do? BTW…. Rosie Jones, disability and gay. How interesting in that? …. Not very, in my opinion.
  2. Ok. So … who can really get worked up about this “startling revelation”…. You? No. I personally can’t raise a glimmer of interest about this so called “devastating “ and disproportionate cull of Scotland’s underbelly class. It’s a fucking good job that we're not looking at their deaths from alcohol abuse, innit?
  3. This is true , I was in fact referring to the bulk of the commentary that passed previously on this individual from others.
  4. I don’t disagree and I’m sure that such examples are readily identifiable. I don’t get to see ‘em all and that is about the amount of time that I have available to scan content. Having said that, it seems to me that the standard CC punter knows where THAT line is and if they choose to throw themselves over it then there is a likelihood that the post or thread might get pulled. I don’t get too lathered up about all this… it’s part of the cut and thrust. But, I do regard it as lazy cunting.
  5. Yes, it was a bit like that…. ( six and four , clickety…oh fuck….fuck!)
  6. Work harder. A cunt is a cunt because they are a cunt. Not because they have a pretty fucking obvious disability. Completely agree with the House of Lords / Tory Schtick but unfortunately the entire focus above was brought to bear on his disability. That’s lazy. I feel the same way about lazy cunting where race, gender and religion are concerned too. Ms Abbott, in my view, is an absolute pudend for a dozen extremely valid reasons, none of which involve her race or gender yet that seems to be the entire focus of the commentary about her here. That’s another example of lazy cunting too.
  7. Lenny Bruce…. The daddy of all modern comedians.
  8. I once knew a bingo caller with Tourette’s.
  9. (I’m just shitting myself….)
  10. ……… (what’s wrong with a bedsit in Croydon?….. or Rhyl? ….or New Tredegar?)
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