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  1. I will give you a A1A for that.
  2. @Earl of Punkape you are Justice Joseph Cantley and I claim my ten shilling note.
  3. Did God make Stoke-on-Trent and the D Road?
  4. That is exactly what is going to happen to him.
  5. I own the clique and cartel members are banned from the clique.
  6. The tight fisted cunt should have used another typewriter to write that will and then gone and dumped it somewhere on Saddleworth Moor.
  7. Take no notice Wolfie is barking.
  8. Cameron should have not bottled out. We shpuld now be coming up to a year since leaving the EU and things mostly done and dusted.
  9. We could have government by petition.
  10. For someone of working age 'eavans does seem to have far too much time on his hands .. time that could surely be put to better use.
  11. As to Aaron Campbell I want to know more about the girl's father and his selling of cannabis to a 15 year old and whether this had an effect on Campbell's brain and behaviour. The girl's father cannot excused of the possibility that he may have some responsibility for what happened. Regarding Begum, everything I am reading say's that she should be bought back to the UK and a real effort made to do so so that she can be interrogated as to her mindset .. also do not forget that at her still very young age she has lost three children and that in the case of the last child its death might have been prevented had we made an effort and managed to to repatriate her .. for that our state has to bear some responsibility.
  12. The one of the left seem to fall to a sitting position, the one in the centre opens his legs and the one on the right pulls his pants down as he falls..
  13. Nothing is real here NOSE OINTMENT (thank you @judgetwi ).. you can serve as a defendant on a pretend jury.
  14. I think that he will probably be a big lad's "girlfriend".
  15. Wasn't he Handal's Messiah?
  16. Punkie does have a cross to bear (or perhaps bare).
  17. More likely to be the "State Hospital" at Carstairs.
  18. How the fuck do they expect the police to behave in this situation? Back in my day a traveller was a twat who knocked on your door and tried to sell you a vacuum cleaner or stardrops. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47589034
  19. Say what you like he did not get detained.
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