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Disrespectful Cunt


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So, yet another Remembrance Sunday has passed..of course, no real men like Harry Patch to humble us any more and dwindling numbers of participants of even WWII, but it's a day of showing a bit of respect for anyone who's sacrificed their all, nonetheless. Everyone surely, somewhere down their family tree, is related to somebody who has served at one time or another, whether it was in Ypres or any conflict since, no doubt including this fucking idiot. This wanker thought it'd be the perfect forum for dressing up as Pippa Longstocking and skateboarding through the procession in Bristol. The police should have just left him to the small crowd who were quite willing to quietly bray his fucking head in, or airdropped the pig-shit ignorant cunt over Kandahar. I couldn't give a flying cunt about the right to express freedom of speech, this isn't some kind of "we love diversity" protest, just some socially inadequate bearded arsehole who needs his fucking ribs broken. Cunt.

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