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Going to the bank on a Monday morning


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Just walking through the door is a cunt, being greeted by some false smiling arse who ask's can I help you while the person behind in the que bangs her push chair into your legs.Smiley then responds to your question with trying to sell you insurance,while the brat in the push chair is screaming so fucking loud you can't hear her any way. See loads of people in the counter que so find a desk fill to out a paying in slip and que goes down to two people. First one goes to the only one of six positions open, to pay in three carrier bags of coin bags collected from their snide designer clothes market stool over the weekend. After twenty minutes second cunt goes to the counter and starts filling out a paying in slip and due to not having their glasses cannot see the sort code account information on their card so starts off friendly chat about fucking last nights x factor, never watch the shite but the fucker has described it in so much detail I feel like cutting me wrists. Then on the way out smiley says have a nice day. No chance cunt you've already fucked it up.

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