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AIDS , ovaries , condoms and pubic hair are all good stuff , but was really remiss from this study was the practical how to fuck modual. With only the words of kids a year older than me/ fucking bull shitters, older brother and VHS porn to guide me on technique where abouts its possible the poor girl who took my cherry suffered a particulaly shit ride in that bunk bed. Fingering ,was and still is something I believe should be left to the experts not some rooky trying to jab emus face in Rods arse. As for diving , no one tells you about clits. I was like a thirtsy labrador puppy aimlessly licking the perimeter Imagine the poor sluts horror , when after I came on her tits , shame and guilt washed over me and I imediatly tried to bend her in half shut and tuck her down the side of my bed until her page went crispy and my mum cleaned out my room. Fucking shambles.

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