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Helping your community but getting shit on


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Had problems wif a fense at end of coal dee sac. Made of cheep mesh it is eesy to tare down. Cownsil re erektid it in July this yer. Problam is that fottball fans can cut frew our terice as a shawt cut, savin a few hundrrid yards walk. So since start of new sesan they riped it down agen. Cunts. I spowk to cownsil and ofured to bild a wall fre of charg, made of bricks that match cotigis in terice. Evan showed the cunts plans, how meny corses of bricks and tipe. Ther xscuse. they cant send any cunt down to superviz the bild and infors helth and saftee. Cunts agen.

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