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Emily Thornberry MP


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This is a typical Labour MP, born in Surrey to wealth and privilege, daddy was a Professor, mummy was a teacher, she married a QC who's now a high court judge, they send both their kids to private schools, against Labour party dogma, and own over half a million of ex council houses which they rent out, to "Labour activists" only, naturally. But the real reason this unfuckable cunt is a cunt is because she has called, again, for Bernie Ecclestone's finances to be investigated. Whatever you think about Ecclestone, he is the working class son of a Suffolk trawlerman who built up a business empire worth billions which employs many thousands of people in UK and Europe. That this obese nomark who isn't even in government should have the cheek to randomly select people who have achieved more than she could do in 100 lifetimes makes her an unutterable CAHN. If she wasn't an MP it would be tantamount to slander. The BBC is a cunt for reporting this non-story as well

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