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The supreme incompetence of our current prime minister


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Examples of the supreme fucking cuntery of this chinless fuckdoll abound, but one really did it for me today. Que the BBC News service, que the mock sincerity on Camerons face as he wrings his hands about how difficult it all is searching for the missing nigerian schoolgirls in a jungle three times the size of Wales, only to be immediately contradicted by a BBC correspondent informing us there actually is no jungle in Nigeria. Fuck me was the cunt asleep during his brief, or as I suspect has he jumped hastily on another bandwagon to try and convince us he gives a fuck about anything other than the tightness of Ruper Murdoch's sphincter. What a complete cunt for displaying such monumental ignorance. And what cunts the BBC are for not ripping the gimp to shreds for it.

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