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Fuck where do i start and before i do there all the god dam same a big fucking ripp off oh and you are stupid enougth to deposit into a online cuntsino dont accept there scam of a fucking so called bonus if you do you cant have your winnings because you have to meet the wagering requirments which on a deposit of say 20 quid works out to be somthing like a fucking grand or more and i would like to get somthing else off my chest them fucking smug annoying hyperactive overacting cunts on the telly late at night would recieve the first bullet if i ever got hold of a gun fucking scamming cunts i want to shut all of them down sieze all thier money and assets and watch as thier family die slowley in pain and povety in a deep underground french sewer where they belong spread the word AVOID the cunts all of them much love loosecannon

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