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Envying the frech for their security services.


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I have spoken out previously for the French and the way we criticize them for doing what we would wish our politicians/army/police forces would do. They have done it again. On the one hand, on camera in London, it took five overweight policemen an eternity to to arrest a fucking dog in public. The French? They got their man in public.The Psychopathic cunt who shot the children in Toulouse is dead. It took three days. The fucker had perpetrated two attacks ealier in the week. It took the french security forces (it is much more than the police) four days to connect it all up, then they had the fucker surrounded within eighteen hours. Plus they got the right result. Consider for a moment how you winkle out one person in a city like Toulouse who is an habitual criminal and a resident of that city, yet they still got the fucker. Hats off to you Pierre. Knacker of the Yard? I hope you were taking notes you dozy cunt.

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