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Mother Theresa


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How on earth did this thieving, lying, twisted woman become a byword for saintly compassion? Simple - Catholic Church propaganda and a lazy, compliant media. She took millions in donations (all of it unaccounted for) but spent next to none of it on the things that might actually have helped desperately poor and sick people in India such as pain relieving medicine, professional health clinics and advice on contraception and abortion. Instead she stuffed her dreadful, spartan 'hospitals' with desperate cases and told them their suffering would bring them closer to Jesus...how sick is that. For a few quid spent on generic copies of patented medicine, their pain could have vanished. A lot of the dosh was spent training nuns to do the medical work for which of course they were spectacularly unfit to do. And of course, the Church will have taken a share too. A real conwoman and a half!

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