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Wee Willie Frazer


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He is one of those cunts who might fall into the "more to be pitied" (possibly mentally unwell) category. Anyway, he is a Northern Irish political campaigner, who turned up at a Belfast Court dressed as a ginger Abu Hamza (actual coat hanger for a hook). This poor man has lost several members of his family to IRA cunts. However, he is fucking mental and a bit of a cunt too. He accused a Catholic primary school of being a training wing of the IRA. The school was flying the Italian flag as part of some cultural exchange bollocks. To the bigoted, and stupid there is no distinction to be drawn between the Irish and Italian flag. He claimed that he is the first person in the UK to be prosecuted under the "hate preaching legislation", designed to hammer Islamists. He might be right, but maybe it would be better viewed, as "anti-bigoted cunt" legislation.

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