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Cunts with Umbrellas


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What really fucks me off is cunts that use umbrellas. So you want to stay dry when it rains. Then buy a fucking waterproof jacket with a hood on it so that it will then leave you 2 hands free to hold your mobile phone,child,shopping bags and stop me getting the fucking thing in the eye,face,side of head. How much fucking room do you cunts need for fucks sake? A high street full of them and it's like a game of pinball. You don't need to swing them either when not in use,just hold them. You also don't need to shake the life out of them when you go inside a building,just fold them up,they won't rust. Not even spies use them these days for jabbing other spies in the back of the leg. Fuck off with these cunts. Cunts.

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