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Celeb cunts who go bankrupt


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I believe that this has been nominated before under some other title, but fuck it, it deserves another nomination. Feast your eyes on wotsit, who, thingy-face from the guff storm that is Coronation St. a man who, no matter what facial expression he is pulling, somehow perfectly sums up the 'gormless'. Anyway despite earning 90 grand a year (and probably double that when you add in whatever tasty side-lines he has going on, not to mention ducking and weaving around tax laws) he has proved he in fact IS gormless as he has spunked all his bloody money up the wall and is now bankrupt. Fuck me how I wish I was on 90 grand for doing more or less fuck all. There is no way you could fuck that up surely? Well shit stick here has. No sympathy from me I'm afraid. Hope he starves in the gutter--along with all the other clueless celebre-twunts who seem to be all filing for bankruptcy lately...

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