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Leigh Ledare.... Photographing your mother having sex


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This "salty" looking dude is called Leigh Ledare. He has photographed his mother having sex with young men ..... in the name of art, of course. While most of us would rather put out our eyes before contemplating such an endeavour (see what I did there?) , our Leigh has actively embraced the process entitling the series " Pretend You're Actually Alive" which contain such masterpieces as the delicately titled 'Mom Spread with Lamp' and 'Mom Fucking in Mirror' .... So, what does he say has inspired him to take photos of his mum having sex? Well, Mr Ledare says his work was fuelled by some, arguably oedipal, desires to document the "extremely open and intimate relationship" he has with his mother....... No fucking shit! I think this guy has some boundary issues that scrubbing his eyeballs with bleach might resolve.

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