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TV Cameras to be allowed in uk courts!


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TV cameras are to be allowed to record proceedings in one of the highest courts in England and Wales, the Ministry of Justice has announced. Filming will be allowed at the Court of Appeal for the first time from Thursday following a partial lifting of the long-standing ban on cameras in court. Senior judges and major broadcasters welcomed the move, which the head of BBC News said was a "landmark moment". Cameras may eventually be allowed in crown courts and magistrates' courts. This could get interesting allowing the proceedings to be televised, who will get the rights and will this turn into the running man in the future!. I'm not sure about this if i was in court defending myself not sure I would like the world to know every detail that way. But whats good for us is good for them? Has the worlds biggest grossing pantomime just found a global audience?. Imagine the televised trials of all the nasty pedos, serious money to be made maybe this is how they will "absorb" the outings?

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