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Euston Station Left Luggage Staff


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Oh fuck off you willing slaves! Fuck yourselves, whoring yourself to rules because you don't have to think so hard! Fuck yourselves with your mewling love of control and adherance to processes that serve no purpose!. Fuck yourselves when you cream your pants over every last notion of freewill and discretion being subsumed to 'the process' by fucking unquestioning zombies like you. I bet you love 'fitting in' don't you? Your sensible haircuts, your okay-ish credit rating, your unspectacular but tolerable jobs. The only reason you pretend to be so concerned about people's 'health and safety' because your own lives are so fucking boring and regimented you want everyone else to suffer the same sterile drudgery you will face for the rest of your antiseptic lives, you fucks! Fuck off, dreary, limp-dicked wankers!

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