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Complete cunts who stare at you


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What the fuck is it with these tossers?? Its happening with disturbing regularity to me these days. Sitting in the pub/club etc. chatting/drinking away, and then out of the corner of your eye you see some Neanderthal fuckwit staring right at you. Its not as if they are even far away. If they were I could deal with it. But no. The cunts are at the table next to me usually. Which means not only are they looking at you but probably eavesdropping on the conversation you and your friends are having. Fucking nosey cunts, fuck off! Its hugely irritating and kind of unnerving having some twat stare at you all the time, knowing they may well be listening in too. But what do you do about it? Take the worthless sack of contemptible human garbage outside and bottle him, like he deserves? Of course not. These would be the actions of a chav moron. So essentially the law abiding citizen is powerless. Perhaps, next time this happens, I shall politely enquire as to what the person is staring at, see where it takes me. Probably to A+E. Cunts.

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