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Stupid Rules for Sensible Judges

Guest DingTheRioja

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Guest DingTheRioja


  • So, some dodgy cunt sexually abuses an underage girl...
  • The cunt gets a "community order" ....in other words, fuck all, and carries on living near her..
  • She stabs him.... good girl.. in the heart... clever girl...
  • She hands herself in saying his lack of jail is continuing her mental fuck up and thats why she did it.... fair enough, can't argue with that...
  • Judge has to sentence her because, well, she stabbed him, but gives her a supervision order and a victim surcharge... as lenient as possibe... nice Mr Judge...
  • He offers to pay to surcharge himself.... well fuck me, a human being as a judge!!
  • The judge gets a bollocking for offering to pay the measly £100(ish)..!
  • What?
  • You fucking what?


This is one of the few stories I have ever heard of judges being decent and sensible over anything, and he get a fucking bollocking for it?

Someone should have bought her a bigger fucking knife...

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Zadhullah Boota... there's a fucking surprise. Those liberals are so justified in their accusations of racism against anyone who suggests men of Middle Eastern or African origin are more predisposed towards offences of a sexual nature, ask all those German rape victims. FFS. Getting back to main topic, I agree Ding, this Judge sounds like a truly decent man. Not only in his professional capacity, but as an empathetic human being in general.

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