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  1. 🎵 if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends🎵
  2. I like your Chuck Norris avatar.
  3. Welcome back. You've been missed. Now tell Frank to fuck off and make your return official.
  4. Chicken Ceylon with pilau, Aloo Gobi, and a keema naan to mop up the sauce. I can't eat Chinese food. Their faces make me feel sick.
  5. I know a double encrypted Joey Deacon reference when I see one.
  6. Eric Cuntman

    Channel 4

    I'd rather she'd run off with an abortionist.
  7. Too much. Tone it down, it's the intrigue that keeps them guessing.
  8. What happened, did you change your avatar again to something completely disgusting? Was it a picture of a midget sucking off a giraffe?
  9. I wish I could give this 3 likes.
  10. I have a freckle. It's possible that the rest of my skin is a birthmark and that I am a person of colour.
  11. Do you remember when you posted that you suspected certain people had hired a hitman to bump you off? You said that you'd noticed red dots on your chest when you opened the curtains. @Cuntybaws responded: "please please let it be cancer."
  12. I once caught 'herpetic lice' off Steve Irwin. Obviously that was before he got stang in the heart by a fish.
  13. I remember. The Duchess of Kent tapped me on the shoulder and said "look at the state of that fucking cunt!" Cliff Richard was sat just in front of me, he started weeping and mumbling the lyrics to 'Devil Woman'.
  14. The inner workings of your peanut are quite disturbing.
  15. Reported to who? You own the site you stupid fucking cunt.
  16. Jesus bastard fucking cunting Christ.
  17. I need to get hold of some of this 'Binge'. Do they sell it in Morrisons?
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