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  1. She could be your future ex wife.
  2. He's not gay. His agent told him that there was no future for straight white males in broadcasting, so he cooked up a deception with his family and that vapid fucking cunt Willoughby.
  3. "I want the metropolitan police to tackle knife crime." "ok, we'll go into the worst affected areas and conduct body searches" "No. you can't. Because that's racist" "but it's black people carrying the knives and using them to commit crime, what do you expect us to do?" "you can't say that! It's racist" That pretty much sums up Khan.
  4. Has Harold been unusually quiet for a couple of days? Maybe Roops finally lost patience and swooped down like a Fiery-fannied Valkyrie and carried him off to Cunthalla. I'm glad he's dead.
  5. No I wasn't. You were up to your old tricks again and I simply won't stand for it. If I'd allowed it to continue, you would have been telling Frank that you used to be Stephen Tin-Tin Duffy's personal trainer.
  6. Overrated actor. 'Far From The Madding Crowd' is one of the most pretentious piles of shit I've ever seen. "Kneel before Zod" what a cunt. If you want a laugh, watch his portrayal of a London gangster in Steven Soderberghs typically dreary 'The Limey'.
  7. Did you two really expect me to fall for this.
  8. It's some sort of under floor heating that the Romans had.
  9. Being hunted down by 'Gender-neutral Sandpersons'
  10. Give the poor girl a break DC. All those millions aren't going to take her mind off having a face like a Taiwanese sex doll and a cunt like a ripped out fireplace. I hope the fat attention seeking cunt has a 'Flack-attack'.
  11. Isn't it fucking disgusting. These dirty fucking 'born wrong' cunts should be exterminated.
  12. Fancy a game of pool? Let me know when you have a window.
  13. What a whiny little crybaby cunt. A year away from the corner and he returns with this victimhood shit. He'll be trying to tell us that the holocaust was real next.
  14. It must have been plutonium. He buries it in a field at one point. When he needs to dig it up for a potential buyer, the field is covered in 18 inches of snow, apart from a 20 foot diameter patch where it's buried.
  15. It might have been plutonium. Whatever it was, a lot of Russian and other foreign cunts were lining up to give him 20 million quid for it. Whan he manages to drag it into the van and get it back to the scrapyard, he tries to take a sample off of it to find out what it is. Grinding wheels and power hacksaw blades catching fire etc. Give it a watch.
  16. You love your radiation don't you. Have you seen 'The Hot Potato' with Ray Winstone? It's the true story of a London scrap metal dealer who is poking around the site of an explosion at an MOD research facility, and finds a coconut sized lump of uranium.
  17. 7 x treble twenty. 1 x treble 19. 1 x double 12.... 9 ball finish.
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