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  1. Absolutely DC. Byron was a filthy club footed nonce, who limped around Europe wearing floppy shirts and bumming his 14 year old Greek houseboy, whilst trying to pass himself off as a war hero. Despite never engaging in combat or successfully commanding others in such. At least the other cunt had the decency to be crap enough at sailing to drown himself. Although I quite like 'Ozymandias'.
  2. I still keep a yoghurt rifle tucked in mine. For similar encounters.
  3. I would never be so irresponsible. I would have smashed your greenhouse from a safe distance with an air gun.
  4. Bill, I think he might be a fucking stupid fucking cunt. There's a lot of it about. 🇯🇲 Remember 1960 🇮🇱 I might have got that last bit wrong.
  5. You're certainly showing us what for with your intellectual superiority.
  6. Bad mummy. Always confiscating my toys. 😔
  7. No, that fucking idiot 'Betterthanyou', who had the Cesar Romero avatar.
  8. It's the misplaced and delusional sense of superiority that made me suspect it was him.
  9. And a beginners course in English. Apparently I've 'ticked' him.
  10. Please continue to dazzle us with your stratospherically superior intellect, BTY.
  11. I think I've got it. 'uhahahahaha!'
  12. It's a fair claim. I would consider a mongoloid to be in a different intellectual stratosphere to pretty much everyone here as well.
  13. Do you think so? I was edging towards Salty mud flaps.
  14. I've got balls... because I'm engaging you? Modesty. Very endearing. Fancy a fuck?
  15. Are you familiar with 'Danth's Law'? That must be the quickest invocation ever.
  16. I don't recall him/her. Welcome back anyway.
  17. Didn't take long to get under your skin did it. You must be terribly bitter after your last attempt at this. Go on. Tell us who you used to be?
  18. You're so kind not to target me. Heaven knows what I would have done had you not been so forgiving. NONCE = Not Of Normal Criminal Element. wanker.
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