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  1. I used to keep a catapult tucked in my knickers. For close encounters.
  2. You could always say to the referee "ooh look at that" whilst pointing to the ceiling, and when he looks you can move the ball nearer the pocket.
  3. When I was a kid we used to toilet paper a small block of flats where all these Crumblies lived. We'd buy shitloads of packets of bog roll and drape it all down the stairs and bannister so the whole place was festooned with it. Then knock on all the doors and hide in the garden to clock their reactions.
  4. My Merlot addled brain can't remember who most of these old members are.
  5. So who are you? Did you go by another name on here?
  6. After 1 post its derailed. That's got to be a fucking record.
  7. Apart from throwing matches how can you cheat at snooker?
  8. I knew some cunt would say that. Never thought it would be you William. Never thought it would be you😥
  9. The likes of China can ride roughshod over everything and nobody utters a fucking word against them. You mention that the covid plague is their fault and you classed a racist.
  10. Similar thing happened with Pen. She sold her ticket for Titanic's maiden voyage to some Paddy for 6 shillings and a blow job.
  11. Dancing on Chris Whitty -Marshall Haine c1978
  12. He's a real fucking charmer and no mistake.
  13. This virus obviously isn't intelligent if it wants to use this one dimensional cunt as a host.
  14. It is Eric isn't? He's just seen Lenny fucking Henry visiting a mud village in Cameroon.
  15. It's a double whammy for Eric; an ad with gays and lots of noirs
  16. His native American name is "Speaks like a cunt".
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