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  1. Well if the frog authorities weren't such a bunch of fucking melts, most of these cunts wouldn't make it here.
  2. There's enough CCTV in Londinium to track the cunt. Or do they just use it to prove if someone's not picked up their dog's shit?
  3. Why are they back in lockdown? Has Bjork contracted the batflu? I mean she is batshit mad after all.
  4. If I'd have bumped into her my body probably wouldn't ever have been found.
  5. To be honest, I couldn't care less whether he takes it up the chuffer. To see the expression on those two slopes who they beat into second place was a picture.
  6. I'm sure punkers has had an eclair up his arse.
  7. You forgot Eddie, who's speciality is 'black ops'!
  8. Those two were/are members of the gym I used to belong to. If I remember I told of the time Eclair had a meltdown in the pool because of the loud music coming from the crumblies aqua aerobics.
  9. Bawsie has always had me down as a name dropper. This isn't true. As I was saying to my good friend Liam Neeson "He thinks I'm a name dropper, Liam". I haven't seen Helen for a few months due to me moving away. And the restraining order.
  10. I was exaggerating a bit when I said "good friend'. I've met her on a number of occasions at the park and chat with her and we know each other in that respect. So do we know who Brenda is? Sounds like someone's multi
  11. I met her a few times dog walking.
  12. I still don't get why the fuck I was asked that.
  13. Sorry. You've lost me there. Explain
  14. Shame that there wasn't an avalanche that would have buried him and you alive. Two cunts for the price of one. Welcome to the corner.
  15. Reported for including family. You gallic ponce.
  16. It would probably make most pizzas taste better.
  17. It's a shame she didn't survive the war. She could have made a fortune doing loft conversions.
  18. Just talk your usual bollocks, Frank. I think the CC membership expects it from you these days. Fucking twiglet legged, walnut headed, chino wearing old spunker.
  19. It's been pissing down most of the day here. I've had to keep two grandsons amused. And those toy swords fucking hurt.
  20. Gary Shandling's spoof talk show comedy was fantastic. Larry's 'Curb....." is genuinely one of the funniest things I've seen. Woody Allen? And toss in another woman's name; the late great Gilda Radner?
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