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  1. He looks like the type of cunt who you see in disaster films like Poseidon Adventure. You know the cunts gonna die sooner or later.
  2. Did he earn his "Vinegar Strokes" badge?
  3. Oh no! Don't bring Hey Duggee into it. My 2 yo grandson loves it. And I bought Hey Duggee PJ's today For him not me
  4. I've always said fast food is bad for you.
  5. If I see any cunt deliberately harming any animal, let alone a dog, i will fucking punch until they stopped.
  6. Thing is with indians and Pakistanis, many of them are riddled with Type2 DM and hypercholesterolaemia. Even the ones who are veggies because of the cakes they stuff down their gullets
  7. Prick with a fork😂LOL
  8. They are cunts. Especially the ones that don't win
  9. I've never came across a man in my life. Dead or alive.
  10. So that's why there's all these discarded masks strewn everywhere! And I thought it was because the disgusting cunts couldn't be asked to bin them.
  11. It was the ploughmans lunch joke wasn't it? I'm sorry.
  12. It's amazing how many cunts have said to me "My mum/dad/aunt/friend/brother/sister/uncle have died OF covid" when I say that the fun mask they're wearing is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. I'm not saying you're bullshitting us but I'm fucking sick to the high teeth of being told this. One of these cunts was caught out, as his brother who "died of covid" I came across in the pub garden tucking in to a plough mans lunch. *The ploughman wasn't half fucking annoyed when he came out. Lol fuck off
  13. Was at Horsham Hospital for a meeting last week. Place was fucking dead as a dodo.
  14. I recommend everyone to watch the Ashley Banjo interview with Jim Davidson. Davidson made him look a right twat
  15. Saddam kept them well hidden. He kept his armies hidden as well. Up his sleevies! I know I know. I'll get me coat.
  16. Sunderland makes the place look like Monte Carlo. Drove through there on a cold November evening back in the mid 90s. Came to the conclusion that it needed a serial killer just to brighten the place up.
  17. Schafernaker is Polish for "shove your dick up my arse".
  18. The only problem with that ground is the seats. They face the pitch Lol fook off.
  19. Glee? Isn't that what scottish kids use to stick airfix models?
  20. There was an ad last night, can't remember what is was for, but the only white man in it was in a wheelchair. All the other characters were either black, wimmins and black wimmins. Just saying
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