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  1. Utterly dreadful. You’re obviously the thick yank fuck who’s sullying the sacred CC halls. I think you’re done here
  2. Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?
  3. Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups, he does earth-downs.
  4. There’s a yank and a frog on the corner? What the fuck has been going on here?
  5. You misspelt ‘punters’, you filthy old cunt. Good evening.
  6. Who the fuck are you?
  7. She’d probably pay good money for that.
  8. How to train your dragon.
  9. Aka the bearded dragon.
  10. I’ve been off this site for months, sleeve. What have you done with yourself during that time? From the above, it would seem precisely fuck all. You boring fucking cunt.
  11. To me, to you. Garlic bread? Boring old slag
  12. I’m fucking dreadful. What does that make withers?
  13. Now then, now then. Shut up, you irrelevant imbecile.
  14. You’re the best on here, wiz. You always knew this, I always knew this. You just needed some gentle coaching. Now look at you-the big swinging cock of CC, putting withers to the sword. Daddy would’ve been proud.
  15. Here lies @Witheredscrote, the most hated cunt to ever slither along the dank CC corridors. Say hi to Ding and MikeFuckingD, in hell, you insipid, oily worm.
  16. Tbh, Eric, I had a splendid time. I strolled around the corner, cock in hand without a care in the world. Now I know all you perverted voyeurs were watching me from the bushes, I feel slightly uneasy. An erection in tight trousers will do that to a man.
  17. Bubba C


  18. Bubba C


    I always thought you were a disgusting specimen, neil; a true pimple on the arsehole of humanity. I didn’t think you could sink any lower, but I’ve been proven wrong - you drink lattés? You disgraceful fucking cunt.
  19. Bubba C


    Drew? Fuck right off.
  20. Bubba C


    But at least I can order them to make me a coffee. #mikeytoo
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