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  1. I never really minded you or Decs, don’t know this other fella; he’s not Stickers is he? I was looking for the general flid parade who could be goaded into a good old meltdown. You know, like Snatch, Ding or Sleeve.
  2. Eric, sum it up nice and quick, who are the top 3 targets these days?
  3. Serious question, stubs-are you allowed to park in the disabled bay at the shops?
  4. 2, if you’re actually interested. Do you do christenings?
  5. That day was my ex-wife’s brother’s wedding. Thank fuck I’m rid of those cunts. Was a good night though.
  6. Eric. I’m not sure I have a place here anymore.
  7. I’ve missed you, Stubs. Merry Christmas.
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