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  1. Who was his bizarre biking boyfriend who lived in The Netherlands and posted a dashcam video literally straight to his front door? Fuck me, there have been some absolute loons on this site.
  2. Old Ding Juan Demarco. The northern Walter Mitty, with alligator thick skin.
  3. Imagine spouting off like he did when his greatest achievement was achieving Junior Private of Potato Squadron in the merchant navy, the Uncle Albert cunt. I’m glad he’s dead.
  4. Fucking hell, Eduardo’s saving a damsel in distress story. All we need now is The Pub Landlord aka Manky to stop beating his wife for 5 minutes to return and get angry when someone says the Invictus games is for mongs, and it’ll feel like home again.
  5. Wow. What a sinister cunt. The only thing more concerning than this is eric’s gun room.
  6. Rare footage of one of proper’s multi hunters completing their apprenticeship.
  7. Ed never would. His wop heritage means he’s a master manipulator, and a slippery cunt too. Imagine if you will, the wily antics of a veteran Italian footballer, whilst possessing the body of the gran off the Dolmio adverts.
  8. I wish. Edit:it rings a bell actually. 2 grown simpletons so enraged on a website that they were going to have a scrap. Those were the best times on the corner.
  9. That’s the weird cunt. Isn’t he the one who had a hammer fetish and threatened to torture people who didn’t find him funny?
  10. Yep, I’d say there’s been some characters, but to label Ready Player 1 as a character is a compliment I can’t stretch to. Who was the silly cunt who claimed he could see the Earth’s curve from his boyfriend’s bedroom?
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