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  1. I thought I’d dip my toe back in, popped a (shit) nom up, went nowhere. But what’s really giving me the horn is the new Spotter.
  2. You played your hand too early. I expected a decent exchange before you pulled the ‘fuck off’ card. You’re done here.
  3. I actually placed you in Newtown, but Pen’s comment threw me. Well I’m not far from the big hospital that’s on it’s way out.
  4. Would the first part of where you live be a colour and the second a basic material?
  5. Had to go there for a scan the other day, about 20 from me. Weird place though.
  6. Reading between the lines, you’ve missed me, haven’t you, Spot? On a different note, what the fuck is up with the Pontypool County Hospital? What a creepy place.
  7. Drew, you wheeled-monster, this is the first post of yours that I’ve ever liked, let’s not make a habit of it. Fuck off.
  8. I genuinely fucking despise him. That Cuntape faggot still doing the rounds?
  9. Stubbs! How are the mongs?
  10. Thanks, Rain Man. Not sure where ‘hedgies’ came from, but I’ve been pulling an all-Drewer so that may explain a lot.
  11. I hate those cunts. A fucking Karcher even though they only travel 5 miles a week to the local supermarket and back. Wankers.
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