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  1. If it wasn’t yours then maybe it was neil’s? Either way, I love you.
  2. The weekend? I had 31 fucking days for some innocuous comment about some cunt’s wife (I think). They were better times stubby, alas I’ve not spoken to the cliquey blinders in about 2 years.
  3. I got coolered and that disgusting tree-hugging pebble fondler gets away with that shit. I want him (then you) dead.
  4. I was only thinking about ‘bin’ the other day. Better times.
  5. Fuck me, this is one of the worst noms’ I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. What’s happened to the corner?
  6. You are Quincy and I claim my polyester yellow tie.
  7. @judgetwi, you must be reeling from this. I read it twice and then came. It was fucking beautiful. You’re done here.
  8. I hope monumental is dead, seriously. What a horrible cunt he was. Stickers too for that matter. Soppy fucking cunt.
  9. Splendid. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve decided not to plague the world with any baby Bubba’s just yet Stubbs. When that changes I’ll let you know; maybe you could be godfather, or at least teach them about stones. Real ones, not that faux-Cotswold shite.
  10. I hate you too, stubby; more than is possible to explain in words. But, in times of need, I’m happy to oblige with spastic-eradication. That reminds me, how are the kids?
  11. You stupid fucking cunt; get good or fuck off. Whichever it is, do it fucking sharpish.
  12. I was interested up until this part. Awful.
  13. That can fuck right off into Caerphilly. It’s a fucking dump.
  14. Are you saying they all look the same?
  15. You’re combination of Sagem phone and remedial sausage fingers means you’ve misspelt your username. I believe it should be Dumb Cunt. Are you purposely trying to be thick as fuck and awful at this, or are you naturally retarded? This is a rhetorical question (which means I don’t need you to answer). Fuck off.
  16. My family died, stubs. That’s why I was away for so long. I’d appreciate if you didn’t raise the topic further or you can consider yourself reported.
  17. Are you grooming the thick cunt?
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