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  1. Snowy


    It wouldn't matter if he spelt anything to me I'd still manage to fuck it up,on a side note do you ever sit in the bath,pull you're foreskin back and pretend you're reinacting the chest hugger scene from alien?
  2. Snowy


    We've talked about this decs before,if you put to many words I won't keep up,Cambridge,full of wankers,I hate them, will do,don't fluff this shit out for no reason my mind is as jittery as an Alzheimer patient after 10 pills.
  3. Snowy

    Misandry to become a hate crime

    You ain't seen nothing yet,Eric I've worked the graveyard shift,my manager looks like a cross between Mrs doubtfire and that cunt out of masters of the universe that holds the key to the dimensions,i dont like getting dressed down by a woman,unless its roops,then i remind myself she got her haddock sluice out online and im a happy man.
  4. Snowy


    I'm as lost as gyps was in the post,have you taken you're meds,please elaborate from you're 3 post reply topic, does it correlate to this,work with me babay
  5. Snowy


    https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1030033/Cambridge-university-poppy-remembrance-Sunday-student-union I am lost at this generation as any of you,but I was always brought up with respect to war heroes,how could anyone replace history just because it doesn't include anyone else from there own countries, get fucked with this P.C shit,from ripping down supposed statues that promote impearlism to the founding fathers in America the world's gone fucking mad,from a binmans point of view(fuck you frank;)
  6. Snowy

    conor mcgregor chat shit get banged.

    If we wanted someone cream themselves over ufc I'd watch joe Rogan talking for 3 hours,you fucking docile cunt,fuck off
  7. Snowy

    Misandry to become a hate crime

    Pen I've been away,I have a few options for a nomination,I'm flitting between the split in my bed and when I have to take a dump whilst needing to pull the John off,you're thoughts?
  8. Snowy

    Misandry to become a hate crime

    I'm back bay bee
  9. Snowy

    Misandry to become a hate crime

    If you were,so to speak,hypothetically arrested for such a crime,would you be a misandrist ,or misogynist,or would you get jailed up as a non binary train spotting cunt and gifted a degree in social studies in prison whilst you hang about on the women's wing waiting to pounce?
  10. Snowy

    Prossies and drugs are getting cheaper

    It was a shit joke whilst being on a sabbatical,don't ever quote me again ,unfunny cunt.
  11. Snowy

    Prossies and drugs are getting cheaper

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/woman-offers-sex-250-soho-15188895 Makes me think of the old comet advert,what can you get for 50p Dad,well a hand job son,another quid I might be able to get a blowy,don't tell mom.
  12. Snowy

    social decline

    Games up Bill,cracks are showing in my game,and I come across as a complete fucking idiot,even Frank's had a dig at my posts. I had planned on a weekend away shoving nose candy up my ravaged septum,but I can't even muster the effort for that. I may just go into the woods,try to grow a longish hairstyle,topped off with a bobble and forget this episode in my life.
  13. Snowy

    social decline

    Someone has to do these jobs punkers weather you're IQ is high or low standard,I'm neither English or low IQ,I just never had a lobster pick or a good fucking from my Catholic priest to lead me on the path to the aristocracy,any tips?
  14. Snowy


    Cheeky pony tailed rock fondling swampy cunt!