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  1. I liked the cunt personally, he got under the skin of every la Dee da cunt going ,as much as hes a wanker hes a necessary wanker,plus I want to tickle his lamb chops ( non sexual).
  2. Snowy

    Danny Baker

    So you're telling me hes Dave Courtney?
  3. Snowy

    Danny Baker

    By any chance are you sitting on a train with a can of stella? Photo evidence is needed.
  4. Snowy

    Dressing effeminately

    Now,now pen don't take it out on me when you're very active on a nom about dressing effeminately . I can picture you now,a bald overweight aging man,his chinos hiding the silk stockings hes wearing, the smell of perfume radiating from his sweaty chest,if only I'd been born a girl, if only I wasn't a one dimensional bore,people would like me. Fuck off
  5. Snowy

    Dressing effeminately

    I'm the local binman, I come from time to time to clear out the rubbish ( trash) ,welcome to the corner ,prepare your arsehole.
  6. You lost me at fair decs, then I shoved one up the hooter for the rest,still makes no sense,soppy wanker
  7. Poo Wizard definitely has a first class honours in wildlife conservation.
  8. Top secret binman stuff ie theres a strike on in Birmingham so I've been sitting on my arse. These new wankers haven't escaped my attention, I pride myself on being the thickest cunt here,leave it to me.
  9. I thought of that fecal obsessed cunt when I was writing this topic up,maybe this will entice the yellow tie wearing cunt out of his hiatus.
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/poo-wizard-smears-faeces-over-13971122 This colossal fucking tree hugging hippie (I'm looking at you stubby), is poo wizard. Now whilst not shoving anything not chained to the floor up his overstretched man bun sporting arse, he spends his spare time smearing his own shit all over his stupid fucking face,in some sort of demonstration for men to take back there own arseholes because of homophobia or some shit which I don't even give a fuck about,hes just smeared his face in shit why should I give a fuck what the fucking cause the mental case has. I'm a smelly binman and the cunt repulses even me,kill him before he breeds but I expect he hasnt and just fashions little shit babys out of his own arsehole.
  11. Snowy

    It's Grim Up North

    You're missing me aren't you ,Northern twat. Fuck off
  12. I'd imagine that he thinks joop, whilst being completely outdated and hasn't been worn since the days of young chavs pilling off there nut in some sweaty club is the in thing to hide the odur after upgrading from his Ralph lauren polo,fucking pillow biting poof.
  13. Skinny fat bald Greek cunt .
  14. I must admit it was rather hurried,and the lack of donner kebab must have lost my audience,maybe if i edited it and added in a chicken place instead I might be able to get the crowd back. You fat fucking poof.
  15. Now I've been car sharing with this group of lads to get me to the depot as it's a lot cheaper than driving the car myself and once I've had a few doobies I wouldn't be fit to drive anyway. For the past year I've been stuck in this hell of people not being able to talk the queens in this banged out rover,so snowy decided to ask a few questions one day. How long have you lived here mate I asked ,20 years young tariq says,so at that time my brain was frazzled to fuck,you have to be lower iq than myself or is it that we have so many boundaries in this country that thick cunts like him can go for years without even picking up the lingo. All around Birmingham you will see it closed corners of ethnic groups,but we are supposed to be diverse is a joke,when someone can't even grasp English in 20 years what hope is there. If even the most northern of us can grasp basic ,but non intelligible English then were fucked.
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