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  1. Snowy

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    We can handle stubby on our own stay off our side.
  2. Snowy

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    All points lead to rome I am dicky Doubleday
  3. Snowy

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    This use of the word "lol" is fucking me off young not working cock, either transform into a surreal binman with not a lot of time on his hands or fuck off,I have faith in you.
  4. Snowy

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    I envision the three sea shells from Demolition man and the surreal thought about that aspect,except there three stones and he's shoved them up his arse to stop the flow.
  5. Snowy

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Whilst I was at uni I once had someone from the union say you can get a degree in drinking,which I obviously took them up on the offer,phd snowy drinking champion was born and hold's more weight than any Mickey mouse degree that you can get.
  6. Snowy

    Let us spray

    Whilst I agree pen the silly cunts deserved it,the lack of just a link to the BBC website and a breathe summary has rattled my brain,dementia?
  7. Snowy

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Papers,stones,football I guess obvious higher jobs than myself,I'll let you lads deal with it as I deal with low hanging fruit,good luck.
  8. Snowy

    People overly enamoured with japan

    Watching Denise Van Outen deep throat a cucumber certainly gave old snowy a raging boner that Neil would of been proud of.
  9. Snowy

    People overly enamoured with japan

    "Fix bayonets" pertwee was hilarious in that. Fat Alan getting stabbed and generally going through hell as no one gave a fuck about his well being had me laughing to. Have you seen final cut by the same team? Was interesting sort of but no where near as good.
  10. Snowy

    People overly enamoured with japan

    A criminaly underrated film,the surealness of tough gangsters singing along to "Avenus and alleysways" is a personal favourite touch of that movie.
  11. Snowy

    Poor white schools 'destroyed' by rankings

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-gave-world-winterval-now-11885962 Are you mixing up the words winterval with wintertide,with a story twenty years ago. I know your facilities might not work as well as they used to.
  12. Snowy

    Poor white schools 'destroyed' by rankings

    Stoke on Trent,where is the evidence for Birmingham which the original post by MC stated,I haven't researched his other claim about Bradford so maybe you could both start there and hope for the best?
  13. Snowy

    Elf and safety

    Multiple choice time: A: It was a blatant attempt to garner views from a egotistical prick. B: It has,like your own existence,no reason for being,bereft of any credit or meaning,it was placed there just to be a funny joke,something you snigger at then pass on by. F: A real hatred for Tom Hanks because old snowy watched Big as a child and wished he could reinact the piano scene. K: All of the above. Pick wisely young Stubbers.