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  1. Snowy

    Standing in the door

    I may come across as the binman version of the tim nice but dim character jiggers ,but correct me if im wrong dont we already have many active brexit topics already on flow on the board. Now if it was just the one topic I could handle but every topic is about brexit,it's becoming tedious,I'd rather hear about punkers range rover whilst he gets executed in it Essex boys style than the never ending brexit shit,put all brexit topics in one post,lock panzy in there and let us never talk about these dark days again.
  2. Snowy

    Standing in the door

    The reason the benefits scrounging cunt gets people's backs up is the never-ending shit about brexit,which you in part enable him with,can't we give it a fucking rest and talk about the productive cycle of a cod,how to stop the fluff collecting in you're washing machine,why is my sink blocked, anything except this repetitive shit.
  3. Snowy

    Nathaniel Hall Gay cunt with AIDS at 13

    Your not giving me material Francis, when you can muster up more than awful,apes shit,or your usual one line posts which ironically you pull the same Tesco loving cunt for then come back to me,you pointless cunt.
  4. Snowy

    Nathaniel Hall Gay cunt with AIDS at 13

    I had a twinge when you're wig fell off am I gay?
  5. Snowy

    Nathaniel Hall Gay cunt with AIDS at 13

    You remain a fucking idiot, one of them cunts that thinks there funny when in crowds but is really insecure,I'll film myself look how funny ,a middle aged bloke who can't deal with getting old,you're a fucking joke, ollybore is more interesting than you because you decided to put all on the line and not have a sense of mystery, your like a Muppet without sticking there hand up there arse,plank.
  6. Snowy

    Money grabbing, Catholic wankers.

    Btw I've been an outsider for past few months and as the premiere person that people unfortunately come here to see except that mongunmental cunt, would be you for making an arse out yourself,you either make a video or drag this place to it's knees,you useless fucking wanker.
  7. Snowy

    Money grabbing, Catholic wankers.

    I was about to rendition two little boys on my drum set,then you turned up,what do you want you fucking bald headed cunt?
  8. Snowy

    Money grabbing, Catholic wankers.

    You wouldn't get into my council waste social club.
  9. Snowy

    HARD Brexit

  10. Snowy

    Money grabbing, Catholic wankers.

    Funnily enough the woman giving out the holy sacrament was very Indian looking,you may be onto something decco, fucking migrants taking our paedo jobs.
  11. Snowy

    Money grabbing, Catholic wankers.

    The priest is from the Philippines, apart from having the characteristics of a sloppy eyed Gary glitter,I'm sure he would be happy for me to,might make some good sauce for the local grilled dogs and cats.
  12. Now, whilst not lifting shit for a living I have to take charge of the error of my ways from spunking up one to many birds and do activities with the fruit of my loins,which with my second eldest daughter seems to be at present to go to fucking church. Being from a strict Irish Catholic upbringing it's basically mandatory that you also make your own kids Catholic to as it's almost a tradition,even though you know it's a load of mumbo jumbo made up horse shit,but you hope that they to will see it for the shower of shit it is. As I hadn't been in a long time I'd forgot how greedy these cunts are, as the decrepit piss bagged brain washed old cunt passed me the bag,which has handles because the near dead cunts can't pass the thing along the line in case they have a brain hemorage,for the offertory, as the God bothering goblin nonce on the altar looked on wringing his hands in glee,whilst the fickle sheep banged in tenners and fivers till there heart was content and their offering has surely saved them from an afterlife of damnation. Top it all off they came round for a second whip a bit later,piss taking fucking wankers,I'm sure my 18p I put in there will help the extremely rich Catholic church,it's the thought that counts.
  13. Snowy


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  15. Snowy


    You wanna live in Birmingham Tim,you'd have your ponytail right in a twist with all the Muslim weddings and celebrations that let off fireworks all year round. Miserable cunt.