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  1. I was thinking about my past as a catholic and my lapse in faith , now I'm 37 time doesn't seem as sparse as it once was. I took holy communion the other day but I felt dirty after so many years of atheism, I've repented and I still feel same way is there anything that you could advise?
  2. A word in your ear, Eric's always done the softly nicely approach and I have respect for him, me on the other hand will tell you you're a soft arsed fliddy armed spastic yank and to grow a pair of balls it's kind of like the red pill blue pill scenario, choose or fuck off.
  3. This will be more of a snowy rant and personal grate ,but being an 80s child, I was always brought up that you gave proper pronouns to a man or a woman, I will delve into this pronoun shit another time when I reach the trannys who arent trannys they're confused and want to flit about to one or another , greedy fucking non binary wankers, but I digress. The word mate should only be used to other males, it sounds so wrong when a woman uses it that I want to American history x her arse on the curb, and likewise any man that would dare to call me love , which funnily enough has happened and I wanted to gauge the cunts eyes out with the knife he was cutting my ham with. To put it in perspective I blame all these wanker ladettes that popped up during my day and wished that we could go back to the norm.i I'm not your fucking mate.
  4. I'm like aids in Africa ,you never know when I'm gonna turn up but expect me, kinda like a real binman really.
  5. I wouldn't use the word dreary anytime soon cock in a frock. Your unending piles of boring dog turds is the reason people scram from this site, theres cunting then theres being a wet drip of a man pretending to be a woman whilst talking about fucking trains your only redeeming quality erm ....cant think no you're a fucking spastic. I'll see you in 6 months when hopefully you've fucking died .
  6. I liked the cunt personally, he got under the skin of every la Dee da cunt going ,as much as hes a wanker hes a necessary wanker,plus I want to tickle his lamb chops ( non sexual).
  7. Snowy

    Danny Baker

    So you're telling me hes Dave Courtney?
  8. Snowy

    Danny Baker

    By any chance are you sitting on a train with a can of stella? Photo evidence is needed.
  9. Snowy

    Dressing effeminately

    Now,now pen don't take it out on me when you're very active on a nom about dressing effeminately . I can picture you now,a bald overweight aging man,his chinos hiding the silk stockings hes wearing, the smell of perfume radiating from his sweaty chest,if only I'd been born a girl, if only I wasn't a one dimensional bore,people would like me. Fuck off
  10. Snowy

    Dressing effeminately

    I'm the local binman, I come from time to time to clear out the rubbish ( trash) ,welcome to the corner ,prepare your arsehole.
  11. You lost me at fair decs, then I shoved one up the hooter for the rest,still makes no sense,soppy wanker
  12. Poo Wizard definitely has a first class honours in wildlife conservation.
  13. Top secret binman stuff ie theres a strike on in Birmingham so I've been sitting on my arse. These new wankers haven't escaped my attention, I pride myself on being the thickest cunt here,leave it to me.
  14. I thought of that fecal obsessed cunt when I was writing this topic up,maybe this will entice the yellow tie wearing cunt out of his hiatus.
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