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Cunts who still wear their Public School Ties


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Was at a family Christening at the weekend and yet again my Uncle and 2 cousins insisted on reminding the world that they attended Public School by wearing their old School ties. Without fail at any family even that requires a suit and tie to be worn these cunts are their with their "Old Boys" ties on just waiting for some poor, unsuspecting "oik" to ask them "oh look you three are wearing the same tie... why is that?" "Oh we went to Public School, something you Plebs could only dream of!". They then proceed to reminisce of all the high jinks, dandy capers and japes that they got up to as well as name dropping various high profile, well known names from the world of celebrity and politics. These types of cunts also wear them to job interviews especially if they know one of the cunts on the interview panel went to the same school. Get a different tie, we dont fucking care, Fuck off you elitist cunts!

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