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Singalonga Cunt


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Whenever i go to a gig, whether it's standing or sitting, there is always some fucker near me who knows the words to every song and insists on belting them out at the top of their foghorn voices. Now listen you attention seeking sad sack of shit, i paid good fucking money to hear the professional sing and i don't want to listen to your out of tune warbling you fucking pathetic cunt. i have to say that the aforementioned cunt is nearly always female. That's because ALL women think they can sing. If you have a female loved one in your life for fucks sake don't ever tell her that her singing voice sounds like a tin of rusty nails ; she will never EVER forgive you, trust me. If you take her to a gig keep her somewhere near the back where the damage she can do is limited. But whatever you do keep the cunt out of my fucking face ok ?

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