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The Coronation Street Bingo Advert.


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There's every chance that I've misunderstood the point of this advert, because it's far too bright, noisy and awful to take in. I think it's for something called Coronation Street Bingo, and stars Reg Holdsworth/Ken Morley(?) -actor. Ken hasn't played Reg for about 15 years, and hasn't acted in 40. I wonder how the writer who created Reg feels about this goggle-eyed ponce still stealing a fucking living by using his creation? The last time I saw Ken on telly, the cunt was trying to flog windows. That definitely wasn't acting, it was insulting. At the end of the advert about 10 retard-a-likes wave at the camera, while a voice over invites the viewer to find The Real Reg Holdsworth. One of the "look-a-likes" is black, and we all know Reg Holdsworth was/Ken Morley(?) is white.So is the black guy there as a particularly weak joke, or is he fulfilling some sort of minority profile quota? Certainly one of the other mong-a likes is ticking the mentally ill box. The cunt looks deranged enough to describe himself as an English Irish Republican. For which, at no point during the advert does he make any apologies.

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