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Multi taskers


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Day off today and I'm down Asda doing a spot of shopping. I'm on the laundry isle and trying to make an important fabric conditioner based decision. Do I want to send the young Rothers clan to school smelling of Moonflower & Ylang and risk them getting their heads kicked in, or do I play it safe and send them whiffing of Lenor. The latter meaning the will avoid fights but may grow up to be gay boys as a result. Whilst I'm trying to make these life changing decisions, there's a couple at the side of me arguing like fuck. Poor bloke is getting a bollocking for not doing enough at home whilst she's out changing the world. She's says she could have done all that and more because she's a multi-tasker. Now I haven't got time for multi taskers. Multi tasking is a metaphor for being "easily distracted". Multi tasking is fucking several jobs up simultaneously instead of doing one job properly and then moving on to the next. Multi taskers call on people like me to put right the things they fuck up. This said I can and do multi task. I do it every morning. I shit and read the newspaper at the same time.

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