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modern life.


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We as a specie should folliw nature and adhere to circadian rhythms which are the underline pulse of our existance. Technocide and hedonism are the root cause of both physical and mental health epidemics which will later define the extinction of our feckless ccivilisation within the secret cannons and texts hidden awsy in monolithic monkey temples. I blame Thatcher and her cojured invention of the middleclass who will go on to destroy themselves with middle range red wine at ritual dinner parties where they worship house prices, rare breed dogs and explicit use of north face gillets. This of course gave rise to the new working class who inturn will take themself out of the equation with prolific inbreeding , fag smoking and exhausting their funds on GMTV phone in's and top rate phone contracts capable of handling their facebook adfictions and compulsions to send snatch shots to any cunt who can muster a hard on to pull over them . We are fucked and no body notices or cares.

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