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1 hour ago, Mike Hunt said:

Seeing as he's openly gay and proud of it then I'm sure he won't mind being equally open when asked how big the cock was that split his arse and gave him AIDS.

And a ‘human rights activist’. They’re all into that… except when they’re bumming children and telling them that their parents will go to prison if they say anything. I think it’s just their own personal ‘human rights’ that they’re interested in. Anyone describing themselves as an activist should be summarily disembowelled with a broken paving slab anyway.

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How the fuck can the guest be homophobic when it is clear that contact was kept to a minimum because of the fact the host has got AIDS. Not just HIV but full blown AIDS. I think I would do the same.

plus, I am homophobic so the shit stabbing queen can fuck right off and, I bet he wanked himself off with his own tears when he read the pamphlets. Fucking degenerate disease carrier.

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